Midwest Moonlight / Mr. Moonlight

Whenever I went to pick up the Midwest Moonlight (Scarf Style) I was working on the Beatles song, Mr. Moonlight had to be sung.

But sometimes instead of the "come again please" I would be singing, "go away please".

Now that it is blocking, I see that there are a few errors. But no biggie because it is black and will be worn on a black coat (my sister’s) and that is that. It is pretty though. Here is a pic of it blocking on one of those foam floor tile thingies so you can really see the lace squares.

midwest moonlight shawl

I used KnitPicks fingering weight yarn, incredibly inexpensive Palette. Only $1.79 per ball, 231 yards/50 gr and used only 2 of the 3 I had purchased. That makes a great scarf for only $3.58!!!

Even though I had occassional fits with the black yarn, which was more than a bit splitty, I am thinking I could make another whole scarf out of that one ball if I make it half as wide. I like skinny scarves but working on black yarn is kind of a pain. Best to start another project first and then see how I feel about it later.

WT and I took a tour of a house in our neighborhood that is up for sale. It is one of those houses I would drive by and wonder what it looked like inside, and dream of getting it. Now that we have toured it, it is a no. Beautiful house but the rooms were way too small. Dang. But the dream was really good. Now I have to find another house to fixate on. Okay, so there is the corner lot house that is just 2 doors down from mom and dad, but now that the vacant lot on the other side is under construction – that bubble may be burst pretty soon too.

I will be picking my mom’s vest up again, but am casting about trying to tune into the deep portions of my knittingness to decide what I will work on. Probably a project for me, but anything is possible.

To close, a pic of our Barkalounger Spencer playing with the stuffed squirrel toy that he loves so much. The funny thing about all his toys is that he likes to lay on them. This squirrel is so close to his own coat color, any bits of it that are poking out look like an extra limb. Or a severed limb in this case.

spencer the wonderdog


4 thoughts on “Midwest Moonlight / Mr. Moonlight

  1. Yes, when I first glanced at that picture of Spencer I thought he had an ear or leg or something laying next to him, which was very creepy! Now that I know it’s a stuffed animal, it’s so very, very cute, as usual!

  2. Your midwest moonlight looks lovely. I can’t even find the errors in it. Your sister will love it.

    That is the scarf I am interested in knitting too and was going to order from KnitPicks.

  3. Susan, I’ve flipped through Scarf Style several dozen times, and never looked twice at this pattern. But seeing it on your blog, I was struck by it’s beauty. I went right back to the book to see why I never noticed it before. They need you to knit and photograph for them!

  4. Houses to fixate on
    The house in “your neighborhood” – okay, it’s kinda far away – but the house I fixate on is a gorgeous, large house (blue maybe) with a wrap-around porch and it’s on the road that goes by Metro State on your way to the freeway. It’s right on the corner. Everytime I see it I think – Susan and I and other people will live there together when we’re old.

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