I’ve Been in Denial

I have been in denial or some sort of Neptunian haze about the amount of yarn I own. I didn’t realize I had so much until I started putting it into containers. Dang – I have one huge pile.

The good thing is that it still fits into my closet, and my office. The bad thing is that I need to get some serious knitting (and spinning) done. Okay, so that is just more good news. The bad news is that I won’t be buying any more yarn for a while. But that is okay too. So it’s all good news!

So, here is my closet with most of my stash encased:

yarn storage yarn storage

yarn storage yarn storage

Check out those huge ziplock baggies that I am using. Have you tried them yet? I bought one box of each of the XL and XXL sizes. They are a hoot. Very thick plastic with measurements on the size. I haven’t really looked too closely because I don’t want to know how many cups of yarn I have.

There is one plastic file cabinet that can come out of the closet. It is filled with beadwork junk that needs to be sorted and whatevered. That will make room for more of these grid containers and the other fabric cubes I am using both in the closet and in my room:

yarn storage

That tall one is for storing yarn I hope to use sooner in my lifetime than the rest that is in the closet.

I hadn’t really decided on a color scheme for the room until I realized it had already been decided for me. I guess I must have been going with what is already there, when I picked out the fabric cubes.

yarn storage yarn storage

Kind of girly, but I am a girl so there.

The room is still a gigantic mess, but it feels better somehow.

Part of the next step is bringing my sewing cabinet upstairs, and then playing musical chairs with the furniture. Oh, and maybe getting a nice chair in here and and and. Wish me luck in getting it all together.


One thought on “I’ve Been in Denial

  1. I, too, am having dreams of getting my sewing machine cabinet in a room where it belongs, not in the dining room. Now that we have two boys out of the house, I’ve thought of taking one bedroom and making it a craft project room and moving the sewing cabinet in there. But now we may be inviting two 17 year old girls to live with us and giving them the room (with bunkbeds). Guess we’ll be eating with the sewing cabinet a bit longer.

    I really like the cubes and boxes.

    Hey, you should check out my quilting software. It’s positively addictive.

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