Two Small Shawls

I finished a Flower Basket shawl for myself. Done up in Palette (Knit Picks), the smaller size by just eyeballing how much yarn I needed to do the last border, so it ends up being a shoulder shawl. I added beads to the last border, and here it is:

small flowerbasket shawl

small flowerbasket shawl

I used size 8 beads and a US 12 crochet hook. The beads are kind of snuggled up into the yarn, and that is just fine. I didn’t want anything flashy, just a touch of shimmer/sparkle. Pretty nice for $3.58 plus the cost of a few beads.

Then I decided to use my one ball of Palette in black left over from my sister’s Midwest Moonlight (Scarf Style) scarf to make the shaped scarf version from the Landscape Shawl (Fiber Trends). I still have a bit of yarn left, enough to keep around for a few rows of something or other.

Here it is, being modeled by my office chair:

landscape scarf

landscape scarf

Now I don’t know what to do. I need to work on my mom’s vest, but tomorrow is the coffee/knitting/beadwork day and I don’t want to bring it because I am afraid I will make mistakes because the conversation is lively and apt to misdirect my brain cells. So I am thinking a pair of fuzzy feet – or something like that. So I am off to dig through my yarn and pattern stash, retire downstairs and cast on!


3 thoughts on “Two Small Shawls

  1. Thank you for popping by my blog! Sadly the Blog lines function does not like my blog. I am going to try and get Snow’s tech guru to look at it but until then, a bookmark or manual link is the only way!

    Your knitting is lovely!

  2. Those are two lovely shawls! I know what you mean about simpler knitting while you’re talking with other people. I usually take along something with stockingette or equally mindless.

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