I’ve Decided

I’ve decided that it is Spring now. Today the air is warmish and the sun is shining and I have just decided that I don’t want to wait until it is official.

Some of you have been wondering where I have been lately. Knitting on my Weeping Willow shawl!…not that you would know that because I think I re-cast on and knit a bit way back in September/October 2005. Then it was just waiting until the time was right.

Once I finished those two small shawls I felt like I should work on good ol WWS and so that is what I have been doing. Along with a row or two of mom’s vest (still unfinished).

So, here’s a pic of my progress, looking wrinkly and weird, like all laceweight objects do prior to blocking.

weeping willow shawl

I have finished the body of the shawl (triangle) and will be starting on the lace edging (for the 3rd time). Unless I am really out of it, the directions want to have me start on the wrong (private) side, and that makes for a backwards edge, so I will restart again again. So far, I have used 1 1/4 skeins of Misti Alpaca laceweight. I should be able to finish using 2 skeins, and that means I will have one extra. I can’t see knitting up another yellow toned green object using the 3rd skein I have. Another knitter expressed interest in purchasing it, so all is well.

Back to Spring. WT and I have a tradition called Sprung day. That is the day when there is enough leaf buds to make most of the trees look yellow green, but just before they really leaf out. We try to make that day a play day, and go driving around looking at the trees and such. It is way too early for that, but that yellow green color is what my shawl really looks like. Willow green, Sprung green, yellow green.

More to come.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Decided

  1. I’m with you, Susan. Today it is “official” and it’s bitter cold out. But it’s in the air, and I can almost feel it. Any day now….any day. And I wish my projects looked that good in their unfinished stage!

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