I started the Cocoon vest/shawl thing from Meg Swansen’s, A Gathering of Lace, maybe about a month ago and then discovered that laceweight has a very wide range. The merino laceweight that I was using was about 1/2 the weight/thickness (whatever) than the yarn used in the pattern.

I am wondering why most laceweight patterns are using icelandic laceweight? One, it is not very lacey – almost a fingering weight yarn, and two (and this is all 3rd hand) kind of scratchy.

Enter KnitPicks Palette yarn. Okay, so it is a true fingering weight and therefore slightly thicker/heavier (whatever – again) but because the pattern I am using only comes in 2 sizes, and I am still on the larger end of the spectrum – I decided to do the smaller, because it will be bigger because I am using "bigger" yarn, but not so big as the largest size because that would be upscaled as well, and then too big. (breath)

Here’s a photo:
cocoon vest from folk vests

Okay, so it isn’t a great photo. I put the Dali Lama’s photo in there because I was carrying him around, looking at him next to my pattern whenever I knit yesterday (Knitting for Peace). Gotta tell you, just looking at his photo is very peace producing. I highly recommend it.

Back to knitting. I took this photo mid row, so it is hard to see, and add to it the fact that I must-must-must get serious about getting a new camera. But this yarn is a really nice red. Kind of on the cherry side, just my color. It knits up nicely. The pattern is going well and this project will be done up quickly. That is my plan anyway.

I also hope you had a peaceful knitting day yesterday and today too!


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