For me, Easter/Passover equals Happy. It is really Spring outside right now. I am hoping we get rain so that we can get that Sprung day pretty soon.

The air is mild and smells like almost rain. The light outside is really beautiful. ~~~ SNIFF ~~~ Ah!!!

I am trying to get all the plastic and boogery clear caulking peeled off all the windows so that I can actually smell and feel that clean air inside. WT spent all that time putting it up, and it kept us stuffy and warm all winter. It saved us about $300 this year on our heating, definitely worth it. But now it is time to take it all down. So far I have the living room main windows done, and one window in my office.

I have been spinning more than knitting lately. Oh, and bead crochet too but I forgot to photo that. Maybe next time. This is what I have done up so far:

spinning easter

That huge Lendrum plying bobbin is holding almost 8 oz. of Australian 64’s merino. So soft! The Easter colored stuff is something I purchased from last year’s Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival. I think it is probably Coopsworth. I spun it up thick and thin – fast and fun but it plyed out a lot smoother than expected. I think it will make some really nice felted slippers, or maybe a hat and scarf. I was trying out different ways of separating the colors when spinning. That’s why the two big skeins are different. It was planned – really!

The small bit of dark grey/silver is Alpaca/Silk. I really wanted to spin the whole amount up (about 6 oz.) but it is just too fussy for me right now. Very silky, like hair so it is kind of creeping me out. It looks like a big bag of silky crone hair. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be a crone with hair as beautiful as this, but it’s just too fussy for me right now. It has absolutely no spring in it, and anything without spring just isn’t doing it for me.

Back to why all the spinning. This year at the Shepherd’s Harvest thang I am going to be in a group competing for the sheep to shawl contest. I am a member of the Northern Lights Handspinners Guild of Minnesota, and a call went out from the group to get some of us together to do this for fun. I thought it would be a good way for me to get out and amongst other spinners, as I keep forgetting to go to the meetings.

So that competition/fun takes up one whole day of the 2 days of the festival. I am taking a 4 hour class, Intermediate Spinning, on the other day, and then the rest of the time shopping. Now this is a pretty small fest – nothing like Maryland’s or New York’s but for me small is just fine – I don’t have the money for travel anyway. I want to buy more fiber to spin, and maybe a book or two, maybe some gadgets – whatever.

It is getting darker out, probably going to rain soon. Spencer is barking outside so I should get my hiney out to bring him in.

I will leave you with this photo of him playing with his new toy – a huge carrot. Seeing him with this toy really cracks me up.

Spencer and his carrot


2 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. I’m curious, did you learn to spin on a drop spindle or a wheel? I’m on a break from learning to spin–started to learn on a drop spindle a few months ago, but so caught up in it I had to take a break to finish this book thang. I plan to get back to learning to spin when it’s done. I have some first spinnings, some merino singles I plant to make into a beginner spinner’s lace shawl when I have enough worked up. So far I love it! I think it may be more relaxing than knitting. If that’s possible.

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for posting about the Shephard’s Festival. The postacard I picked up at… the State Fair(?) had the dates listed as the 6th & 7th. Wonder how many people will show up on those dates?

    Missed you at Bead Retreat, I did more knitting than beading. Happy Easter and a big HI to WT!

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