The usually kind, helpful and considerate folks over at ivhosting.com took down my blog because it was "abusing the server". That would be okay except that they did not tell me that anything was wrong, did not ask me to attempt to fix it, they just took it down.

I have been spending time bringing it back up, only to have it brought down again. I could not figure out what was causing the problems, and they were not willing to help me figure it out.

Here I am in a new space, choosing to retype some previous entries, and being somewhat okay with letting go of the older stuff. Restoration from the old blog is not possible. For some reason WordPress does not have an export to another WordPress location. Weird, huh?

It isn't the end of the world, but maybe the beginning of the end of the world 🙂  ~~~  I have a Plutonian sense of humor.

Speaking of Pluto, WT and I went to an absolutely fabulous lecture on Friday and then a workshop with Richard Tarnas on Saturday.  He speaks about history, ecology, life, from a very interesting perspective.  He is an astrologer, and not so ashamed to admit it.  In fact, he recommends one to know ones chart and keep track of transits.  A deep fellow, one to watch.  His two books are huge!  We are starting his 2nd book, with plans on going back and reading his first just as soon as we can.  If you are interested, check them out:

4 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. I tried to previously host a low volume vBulletin website with their reseller account, and kept on getting MySQL timeout errors with standard default settings and less then 20 users. Their service is configured for low traffic, low volume websites. Their account was useless for any real reseller hosting, and used for a client development environment until I could move clients to a REAL web host.

    Also, make sure to READ (if you can find it first…) their cancelation policy. Since their deals are all “special” deals, they require more then 5 days notice to cancel your account with no partical day refunds. After 7 days of service, your stuck with them. Their TOC is *not* provided in any activation emails and buried within the ordering process of their site.

    I made the mistake of using Paypal with subscription payment and not deactivating it. Now they took my $99 and stuck with their account for another year since they will not refund my money after notifying them of cancelation the day of my renewal.

    UGH! I wish I knew sooner about their piece of shit hosting.

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