Shepherds Harvest 2006

I was sitting here this morning thinking I needed to post, and then feeling kind of dumb for forgetting my camera twice. Then I remembered that I could take a photo of the socks that I have been working on,

And then I remembered I could take a photo of my bobbin with the bits of different stuff I spun at my class on Sunday.

And then I remembered that I have huge pile of good stuff I bought on over the weekend – duh!


I spent all day spinning for the sheep-to-shawl competition. We won!!!! Okay, so we knew that going into it because we were the only team. One fellow that was watching the demo said, "don't forget that you also.". I guess he is a glass half empty sort of guy. Saturday's weather was so lousy that it is almost embarrassing to tell you. I strongly feel that one should not have to turn the heat on in MAY but I guess mother nature has other ideas, and because this was Mother's Day Weekend – she has the final say-so. We were close to the big garage door openings, making it pretty good lighting, but the wind! And the rain! I asked to have them shut the doors, but it never happened. We carded, spun, and wove through it all.

I wish I could show you photos of the fleece and the shawl we were working on. The gal that donated the fleece (forgot her name) – I tried not to gush too much when I was talking to her later in the day. It was sooooooo yummy, soft and very fine colored. I guess her fleeces are always claimed in advance, and I can see why. The team ended up carding the whole fleece. I don't think we made much of a dent in it (spinning), whatever was left was given back. Some of the team members came back and finished the shawl on Sunday. Now we need to decide what to do with it.
Back to the losing part. We ended up not finishing in the alloted time, so I guess it is true that we lost. But. We really kicked back, visiting, taking breaks, eatting, talking to all the people that came over to see what we were doing and to all the friends that stopped by to visit. It was great visiting, I noticed a lot of people taking photos while I spun, so if you see a chubby lady in a raspberry colored, long sweater that is spinning, it is probably me.

It was a great time, I hope we do it again next year.

I did do a bit of looking at the vendors' wares to see how much money to spend on Sunday. I saw two lovely ceramic pins that told me to "buy me before I am gone," so I did. I also bought some roving from that person's stall because I was already there and it just made sense.


I went to the Intermediate Spinning class from 9-noon. It was taught by Jerry & Loretta Pederson of Blackberry Hills. They are great teachers. Very fun, funny, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive. I would take another class from them again in a heartbeat. I might even retake the class next year because it was so much fun.

They had so much different fiber to play with and learn from. This is a photo of my bobbin with what I spun up:

intermediate spinning That's alpaca, flax, cotton (recycled jeans), poodle (kind of stinky), wool spun in the grease (smelly but in a good wool way). What you can't see is the silk (carded and bits) and others that I can't remember anymore.

I also learned how to spin better from their pointers and just by watching the other ladies spin.

There was one woman that was a real pro, even with the hard to spin cotton she was really going to town with it. Very impressive.

After the class was done I stashed my wheel and knitting to get ready for the shopping part of the festival.

This year the vendor portion took up 2 of the buildings. Last year there was 2, but the 2nd building was a bit more puny and in the back. This time the vendors buildings were side-to-side so that made it easier to shop too.

Here is what I bought. First-up and very smart, I broke down and bought a basket from Ellie Lida. I have been looking at her baskets for some time now. I have been really coveting them, but never purchased one until now:


I then proceeded to fill it up with this:

fleece and roving

The washed fleece is "Ivana" = Border Leicester/Romney/Lincoln, 12 ozs. I had bumped into Kerry so I leaned on her expertise to choose it. She gave it the thumbs up. The roving at the green and chocolate roving is from Sandy's Palette. It Merino/Tencel (70/30), 4 oz. The beige in the center is organic cotton the dark green/navy bump in the back is merino, and the multi up front is a silk blend, but that and the merino came from Carpool. She also had some great dyed clothing and cute knit (or were they crocheted?) hats. I hope she is there again next year.

more fiber

These all came from Huacaya Moon. The multi-colored is 4 oz. Merino/Kid Mohair (80/20) in olorway, Jamaica. The plain cream is 2 oz. Hemp/Merino (50/50). Front: Lilac, 4 oz. Merino/Angora (80/20) and 4 oz. of her Special Recipe Daquiri Ice, Merino, Mohair, Tussah Silk. On that are 2 cute pins, close-up below:


Nancy Ahlborn (Huacaya Moon) is a real sweetie. Always a smiling face, very peaceful and helpful.

For those of you who don't spin and are getting tired of all the fiber – yarn!yarn and soap The brown, gold, orange is 1200 yds of Persian Wool, that and the two wild colored 3 oz. skeins (wool) are from Blackberry Hills. Yum!

The purple is 2 skeins of some acrylic yarn, very fine and soft, and the red is rayon. Both of those and the unspun organic cotton came from Chamomile Connection. The yarn was very inexpensive… the rayon was only $3.70 and the 2 skeins of acrylic were $3 each! I am thinking shawl and scarf or shawlette. The soap is from PamMade and she was sweet enough to bring those 2 bars of Sylvan Ramble Roads in for me special on Sunday. I love her soap!

The two pins are the ones I purchased on Saturday. I don't think that vendor made them, I think she was selling other people's stuff too. She also had some incredible glass buttons that I almost talked myself into and then decided against. Maybe next year.

Whew! That is a lot of great stuff. Now I need to keep that spinning vibe going and just continue along.


2 thoughts on “Shepherds Harvest 2006

  1. I still can’t figure out how I missed seeing the Sheep-To-Shawl stuff!! But I didn’t spend much time looking at anything in detail – I mostly scurried along, shivering. 🙂 You got some lovely yarn and fun pins!

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