Feeling Slumpy

Thursdays are usually really good to me. This one hasn't gone so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be an excellent day.

Because I will be going to the St. Paul Saints baseball game. No, I am not a sports person, but the Saints aren't just any team – it is a community thing where people go and celebrate and have fun. Add to that the fact that my favorite yarn store, Borealis Yarns, is getting together with Ginkgo Coffeehouse to sponsor the game. It's called Sip, Stitch & Pitch Night.

Cool, huh? There is a special section for knitters and I think all of those seats are sold! They will be giving out a free ball of yarn to the first 500 people in the game carrying knitting needles, and before the game they are doing a yarn swap out in the parking/tailgate area.

I found some yarns that I purchased that I don't think I will ever use. Two balls of some thick and thin cotton, and some nice mohair/wool yarn that is just too bright for my taste.

I will probably be working on my 2nd sock of my 80 stitches around Razor Shell Socks. Here is a scan of one finished sock:

razor shell sock 

Scanning looks pretty good, much better than my photos.  And check out this cool detail:

razor shell sock - detail 


Hope to see you at the game tomorrow!


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