The Circle of Life

the circle of life - socks

Sing it with me… it’s the circle, the circle of life

for socks that is

Here you see my newborn pair of pair of Razor Shell Socks, from Mim’s Knitting Frenzy, Death, represented by my unfixable fuzzy feet from Knitty, and socks yet to be, a skein of Lionbrand Magic Stripes in the Denim Stripe colorway. Gonna knit me up a pair of basic socks just as soon as I can.

Remember I was telling you all about the SSP – Sip, Stitch and Pitch night at the Saint Paul Saints right? It was great fun. Borealis Yarns and Ginkgo Coffeehouse sponsored the night, so there was a lot of references to both of them throughout the game.

But to back-up a bit, there was a yarn swap from 5:00 to about 6:00 over to the side of the main parking. I brought 4 balls of so-so (nice but not my style) yarn and came out of the swap with 4 skeins of yarn that I really want to make something with! (I know, bad sentence). There were Borealis Yarn/Ginkgo t-shirts given out too. I met some knit bloggers, I met Meleah (Knitting Corgis) iin the stands. Carrie (Knit-Whit) was there for the yarn swap. Also a bunch of knitters that don’t have blogs.

Most of the knitters bought their tickets in Section A. A big bunch from Needlework Unlimited, sporting their own "designated knitters" t-shirts were there too. We all had a lot of fun, working on socks, scarves, sweaters, whatever you can think of – excellent knitting ladies! It was a beautiful night, but it did get a bit chilly once the sun went down.

There was a knitting contest, Shelley Hermanson won that one, and another where you had to try to catch a huge ball of yarn in a huge coffee cup… while a giant cat tried to steal the yarn. There were other non-knitting but cool contests too.

I hope Borealis does this again next year.

I am wondering though, why can’t people get along and be nice? Borealis and Ginkgo sponsered the event, and although I don’t expect people to all bow down to them, I find it interesting that Needlework Unlimited, with its busload of knitters and their t-shirts (great idea) refers to the event like it was the Saints idea. Wha????

Isn’t it okay to give a nod to Borealis for helping to sponsor, even though they are gasp competition?! I don’t know, maybe it is just me, because I don’t believe in competition. Each store, or doctor, or whatever has a business that attracts clients & customers. Sometimes the clients/customers choose the practitioner or vendor because of location, sometimes it is because of their business hours, the personality of the space, the prices of the items, sales, promotions, word-of-mouth – whatever but generally and especially with knitters unless there is something truly wrong with a store (price, location, attitude) they will get some part of the money pie of the customer. I truly believe that no one owns their customers, and therefore there isn’t really any competition.

In all my lines of work, I am always giving people recommendations to other practitioners – not because I have bad self-esteem, but because I want people to get the best there is, and sometimes that is not me. You know what I mean?

I have been in stores that know that another store carries an item that they don’t carry, and they are big enough to tell their potential customer of the other store. I have always admired that, note it, and therefore recommend that store to others.

Friendliness, respect, peace – pass it along folks!

3 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. I agree.
    Plus it’s not like Borealis & NU are even near each other, different customer base. Borealis=St.Paul=St.Paul Saints.
    It was fun to meet you, you’re my 1st knitting blogger meetup!

    And wow, did you ever wear out those fuzzy feet!!

  2. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Karen/NU is intentionally trying to dis Borealis. On the bus over, she tried to organize us into a cheer thanking Borealis and Ginko after they were introduced as the sponsors – since Kerry, Susan and I were getting food, we were too late to the stands, so I’m not sure how that worked out. She said that Borealis had paid a lot of money to sponsor the event and seemed very supportive.

  3. Great that you were willing to support a fellow competitor! I am involved in a couple of knitting/crocheting functions outside my state (Rhode Island) because many of the local area shops’ knitting groups refuse to get together for fun outtings like yours. (Sigh) Oh, and I hope you make more Fuzzy Feet!

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