Breaking News

This just in from the Aguirre-Wegner household.

After taking this last photo

my new Kodak

Fujifilm Finepix A340 released this press statement:

I find I can no longer work with the present adminstration. The final low blow was having to photo my replacement. After a brief vacation, I will be searching for employment in the recreation and or entertainment sector.

Reaction to this news is varied, Mr. Wegner,
Mr. Wegner
Co-president and CEO of the Aguirre-Wegner household stated:

Hooray! Maybe now Co-President Ms. Aguirre will quit her bitching about the lack of output and attention-to-detail coming out of the photography sector of our company.

Chaachi, sister and friend, remarked:

It looks like the new photography unit, Kodak EasyShare Z740 will be doing a fine job – finally a return to zoom photos of a small section of my face!

spencer and happy
Spencer Aguirre-Wegner was reached in the backyard of the Aguirre-Wegner estate. Lounging with his pal "happy cow" they had this to say:

I don’t care who is in charge of the photographs, Fujifilm, Kodak… it could be a kid with crayons and an eye for composition – I think that photos of me have always captured the beauty and majesty that is golden retriever.

Happy added this:

Yes, my nickname is "happy"… what of it? I do not like the allegations that my mental/emotional state is linked to drug use…. Get that camera out of my face already!

Guinevere Aguirre-Wegner was reached last night and had this to say:

Gah! If this change will bring about a return to that flashing thingie while I am trying to get my beauty rest, look forward to increased nail flexing into sensitive areas.

brown goddess guards
One set of brown Goddess Guards™ remarked:

Finally! I have been laying around, trying to fill time while many photo appointments have been made and then rescheduled. Maybe now we can get some sales around here!


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