It Kicked My Butt

I tried and tried, but finally threw in the towel on this one.
Socks - not

It was meant to be a anklet/footie made out of Cool Wool Merino 2000 – a very springy DK weight 100% wool yarn. Very soft.

I must have done the ribbing about 3 times. Mainly because of the fact that I did the rolled cast-on wrong a few times, then I finally got it kind-of right. Right enough that nobody but me would notice that I was one stitch off and had a loose stitch at the end. But that could be fixed. Then I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn for a full 4 inches of stockinette before doing the heel – that was an easy fix – just ripped back.

It was the heel that kicked my butt. I thought I would follow the directions for the garter-stitch short row heel that the pattern had vs. my own fav short-row heel done in garter stitch. I think because the yarn was so thick (but done on little needles) it was too dense to execute the k3togs, but I trudged on – trying different techniques until I finally had enough. Once I totally ripped the sock I realized I should have just ripped out the heel, and tried a regular stockinette short-row heel, but it was too late.

I thought long and hard about what to try next. What would take that bad experience loser feeling out? Perhaps trying with some yarn that was very, very different colorwise? Nah. I decided to retry some yarn that had previously given me fits.

I may have set myself up for another loser experience – seeing that I have already noticed that the willow bud pattern (Essential Socks) just isn’t doing it. I have the top ribbing done, and have done one repeat of the buds, but have already decided that they aren’t worth the effort. They do look nice as a single row. Now only 3 x 2 ribbing down the leg and a short row heel, plain foot and short row toe. If all goes well I will have a set done by the end of the weekend.

We shall see.


Friends and Father’s Day – socks too

We had another very nice weekend.

Saturday brought WT, Spencer and moi, traveling to Mary’s home to hang out with her and her girls (Abby, Ashley, Mikaela) doggirls (my nicknames: little suede dog and cutie), do some healing work on Ruby (stepmother) and visit with our other friends Jim, Jody and Zoe.

Potluck! I brought some cold turkey salad made with rotini pasta, smoked turkey cubes, mandarin oranges, sugar snap peas, sliced fresh mushrooms tossed with a dressing made up of oil, toasted sesame oil, egg yoke, sugar and salt, pepper. Yum!

Mary made up some really good veggie pizza (cold appetizer kind) and some sweet and spicy meatballs that also had wild rice.

Jim, Jody and Zoe brought a bunch of chicken, mushrooms and other fixings for a slow cooked meal that was delish! Jim is the cook and he is one of those rare types that also cleans and does dishes – honest! Here is the rare creature caught in action.

a man doing dishes - rare!

That big shiny slow cooker to his right is chock-full of his amazing meal.

Before you get to asking "where are the socks?" here they are – photoed at Mary’s place:

I am almost finished with them today, but back to the weekend…

As if Saturday wasn’t wonderful enough we hung out with Jim, Jody and Zoe on Sunday to do D& D.

Here are the nerds (sans me) working on their character sheets:

and a photo of Zoe alone. She is quite the young artist. Jim and Zoe say she has been drawing since she could grasp a pencil, about 3 years old.

Next post I will share with you (with her permission) some of the really cool pipe cleaner creations she does for us.

Back to Sunday. Spencer and Guinevere really loved their Dad up, and Spencer even did some love therapy healing on WT’s sore leg/knee.

Today I am finishing up on the 2nd sock. These are for my sister Chaachi. Just a plain sock using some Regia I had. I would have been done sooner but I realized that the would have been too small, so I had to rip back the 1st sock and redo from the ribbing. It is worth it because now they will fit much better.

Thanks to all that responded to my plea of helping me find that particular sock fit solutions. I/we haven’t found it yet, but I am just trudging on.


A Set of Socks – trust me

I realize that the photo only shows one sock.

sockota baby cables

So I guess you will just have to trust me on this – I made the set.

There are some issues. The foot fits fine, the leg fits fine but the heel sags. I think I remember a post or page that listed sock fit problems and solutions. Something like "if this happens then it means xyz and this is how you fix it."

Does anyone else know what I am talking about? If you know what piece I am trying to find I would appreciate any help. Just leave a comment or email me directly.

I know 100% that it isn’t something in a book, but if you have a book reference for me I would be happy to take a look at it.


Public Knitting – kinda sorta

I did knit in public today, but it was more of the knitting crowd sort of public, aka Borealis Yarn. I broke down and purchased a ball of Trekking 105.

trekking 105

Okay, the truth is is that I went there fully intending to purchase sock yarn. I also intended to purchase size 1 and 0 double points in bamboo/wood too. I figure that since I have knit up 4 1/2 pair of socks, I deserve to re-invigorate my stash and still be ahead in the destashing goal.

Not that I think sock yarn is a sin or anything, I just feel good using what I already have. I see this as a bit of an incentive.

Here is my 1/2 of the 5th pair, looking kind of stumpy and weird because I had to jam it onto the scanner.

Regia - Italian Collection

Details: CO 80, k2 p2 ribbing for 1 inch, then I did the 4th row of the 4 row pattern, and then the rest of the baby cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks (great book). Then I decreased 8 stitches for a total of 72 sts; did a short row heel, then knit 18 rows still on size 2.5 mm (US 1 1/2). Then switched to US 1 for the rest of the foot including the short row toe.

I tried them on and have decided that even though I have a wide ankle I really could decrease more than 8 stitches because I like my socks kind of snug – and these fit without any stretch. After I finish this pair (have already started the 2nd) I may do some more modifications.

But I like this sock and it looks nice!

I had started into the US 1 section before I bought the new bamboo dps today. I used my Susan Bates Quicksilver set – actually 2 sets because they only come in sets of 4 needles, and I like to use 5 (4 for the sock and 1 to knit with). They are nice, but a bit long, being 7 inches vs. the 6 inch that I normally like. I almost decided not to buy the bamboos, because these needles are kind of nice… slick without being too slippery, lightweight, no chance of bending or slivers. Yes they are metal, but they don’t make clinky noises. I like having different sets for different yarns, so I am sure I will use the new bamboo too. Just thought I would put in a good word for the SB Quicksilvers – in case you want to know.


Toughening Up

My finger is better; I decided to work through the weirdness of it since it didn’t hurt. Finished up the footies, including picking up the cast-on stitches and knitting on 4 more rows before casting off again. But I caught myself after having added 2 sets to one footie and none to the other. Heh!

No new photo of that because it looks pretty much the same. But I do have one of a new set I just started:

Sockotta - The Plymouth Italian Collection

It is 45% Cotton/40% Superwash Wool/15% Nylon Sockotta – The Plymouth Italian Collection. Sounds kind of sexy, doesn’t it? I wonder who gets the job of naming these collections. They must have an interesting imagination. Purple and black with a bit of burgundy seems more like lavender licorice to me.

I am doing 1" of 2×2 ribbing, and then baby cable. I don’t know whether I will continue the "cable" down into the foot.

It is knitting up nice, but it sure was tangly when I was knitting from the yarn vomit (you know, the innards mess that comes out when you are trying to find the center).

The weekend was bits of wonderful and not-so-wonderful mixed together. WT, Chaachi and I went to see the X-Men movie, and really enjoyed it. Especially since we banded together with a bunch of our friends and their children. Then it was back to the house to pick up our dogboy Spencer, then to a very late dinner while Spencer waited in the car. Then off to Mary’s house until way too late. Sunday brought D&D gaming and more fun with friends. Oh, and knitting happened too – but not a lot. I have been getting back into reading again. Just a few nice novels – nothing too deep.


Even More Socks

I seem to be in a roll with the socks thing. Some of you may call this a rut, but I see it as being determined to use up my large sock yarn stash.

Call me determined, motivated, enamored – whatever. I love socks!

Here is my finished set of the set using the previously mentioned Lionbrand Magic Stripes:
magic stripes socks - denim

And one of the Elann Collection Esprit (the varigated variety) stretchy footie. I would give you a link but either my new version of Mozilla is weirding out on me, or their website is.


I need to make this one longer at the top – will probably just pick up the stitches and keep knitting until it is longer, otherwise it will just pop off my heel.

I use my left fingers a lot when I knit – do you? Anyway, I have this flat part on my left finger from when I accidentally cut off part of the tip of my finger. Now all the skin there is peeling away from the wear and tear of all this knitting. It doesn’t hurt, but I have to keep trimming off the dead skin, and the new skin layer underneath looks all pink and weird. Maybe I should coat the ends of my working fingers with something. Do any of you use that fake skin stuff?

The weather here is so wonderful, I wish I could spend all my time knitting outside, sipping tea or iced coffee and just hanging out.

I really could do that if I really pushed it, but I have some other obligations – like helping my bro with his Ebay business (anybody interested in used sports equipment?), and you know other things like interacting with my husband, friends, other family members, eating… those pesky life things *grin*. Sleeping is good too.

Hope you all have a peaceful weekend. I will be knitting as much as I can and just enjoying the good weather (peeling fingers crossed).