Even More Socks

I seem to be in a roll with the socks thing. Some of you may call this a rut, but I see it as being determined to use up my large sock yarn stash.

Call me determined, motivated, enamored – whatever. I love socks!

Here is my finished set of the set using the previously mentioned Lionbrand Magic Stripes:
magic stripes socks - denim

And one of the Elann Collection Esprit (the varigated variety) stretchy footie. I would give you a link but either my new version of Mozilla is weirding out on me, or their website is.


I need to make this one longer at the top – will probably just pick up the stitches and keep knitting until it is longer, otherwise it will just pop off my heel.

I use my left fingers a lot when I knit – do you? Anyway, I have this flat part on my left finger from when I accidentally cut off part of the tip of my finger. Now all the skin there is peeling away from the wear and tear of all this knitting. It doesn’t hurt, but I have to keep trimming off the dead skin, and the new skin layer underneath looks all pink and weird. Maybe I should coat the ends of my working fingers with something. Do any of you use that fake skin stuff?

The weather here is so wonderful, I wish I could spend all my time knitting outside, sipping tea or iced coffee and just hanging out.

I really could do that if I really pushed it, but I have some other obligations – like helping my bro with his Ebay business (anybody interested in used sports equipment?), and you know other things like interacting with my husband, friends, other family members, eating… those pesky life things *grin*. Sleeping is good too.

Hope you all have a peaceful weekend. I will be knitting as much as I can and just enjoying the good weather (peeling fingers crossed).


3 thoughts on “Even More Socks

  1. You are totally kicking my ass in the sock department – nice!

    I know exactly how you feel. I drove by Borealis/J&S this afternoon and it was all I could do not to just park the car and sit outside there and knit instead of coming back to the office like a good little girl.

    The upside of being self-employed is that you can set your own hours, but the downside is that you really can’t completely!

  2. I’ve used little circle and square bandaids to protect fingertips. But hopefully you will get a callous?

    The stripey socks are fun! And I like the footies – I need to use up a bunch of Esprit. Hmm.

  3. Love the socks. I am mega-addicted to sock knitting as they’re portable and so much fun to do. Don’t call it a rut, I believe ‘roll’ is much more appropriate!

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