Toughening Up

My finger is better; I decided to work through the weirdness of it since it didn’t hurt. Finished up the footies, including picking up the cast-on stitches and knitting on 4 more rows before casting off again. But I caught myself after having added 2 sets to one footie and none to the other. Heh!

No new photo of that because it looks pretty much the same. But I do have one of a new set I just started:

Sockotta - The Plymouth Italian Collection

It is 45% Cotton/40% Superwash Wool/15% Nylon Sockotta – The Plymouth Italian Collection. Sounds kind of sexy, doesn’t it? I wonder who gets the job of naming these collections. They must have an interesting imagination. Purple and black with a bit of burgundy seems more like lavender licorice to me.

I am doing 1" of 2×2 ribbing, and then baby cable. I don’t know whether I will continue the "cable" down into the foot.

It is knitting up nice, but it sure was tangly when I was knitting from the yarn vomit (you know, the innards mess that comes out when you are trying to find the center).

The weekend was bits of wonderful and not-so-wonderful mixed together. WT, Chaachi and I went to see the X-Men movie, and really enjoyed it. Especially since we banded together with a bunch of our friends and their children. Then it was back to the house to pick up our dogboy Spencer, then to a very late dinner while Spencer waited in the car. Then off to Mary’s house until way too late. Sunday brought D&D gaming and more fun with friends. Oh, and knitting happened too – but not a lot. I have been getting back into reading again. Just a few nice novels – nothing too deep.


4 thoughts on “Toughening Up

  1. I like the look of your Sockotta sock! I think I might have that same colorway in the my stash… Heh, and I know EXACTLY what you mean by yarn vomit. Sheesh, my skein of Trekking spewed forth 30% of its total self, trying to get a sock going. Ack!

  2. I LOVE the mini-cables. I have a skein of Sockotta too, but of course I haven’t tried it yet. It was going to be my Yellow/Orange Project Spectrum project, but then I changed my mind. A girl can do that!

  3. Yarn vomit… LOL Good one and, oh, so true. I’m working on a pair of baby cable socks in Trekking XXL. A fun knit and works up quickly.

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