Friends and Father’s Day – socks too

We had another very nice weekend.

Saturday brought WT, Spencer and moi, traveling to Mary’s home to hang out with her and her girls (Abby, Ashley, Mikaela) doggirls (my nicknames: little suede dog and cutie), do some healing work on Ruby (stepmother) and visit with our other friends Jim, Jody and Zoe.

Potluck! I brought some cold turkey salad made with rotini pasta, smoked turkey cubes, mandarin oranges, sugar snap peas, sliced fresh mushrooms tossed with a dressing made up of oil, toasted sesame oil, egg yoke, sugar and salt, pepper. Yum!

Mary made up some really good veggie pizza (cold appetizer kind) and some sweet and spicy meatballs that also had wild rice.

Jim, Jody and Zoe brought a bunch of chicken, mushrooms and other fixings for a slow cooked meal that was delish! Jim is the cook and he is one of those rare types that also cleans and does dishes – honest! Here is the rare creature caught in action.

a man doing dishes - rare!

That big shiny slow cooker to his right is chock-full of his amazing meal.

Before you get to asking "where are the socks?" here they are – photoed at Mary’s place:

I am almost finished with them today, but back to the weekend…

As if Saturday wasn’t wonderful enough we hung out with Jim, Jody and Zoe on Sunday to do D& D.

Here are the nerds (sans me) working on their character sheets:

and a photo of Zoe alone. She is quite the young artist. Jim and Zoe say she has been drawing since she could grasp a pencil, about 3 years old.

Next post I will share with you (with her permission) some of the really cool pipe cleaner creations she does for us.

Back to Sunday. Spencer and Guinevere really loved their Dad up, and Spencer even did some love therapy healing on WT’s sore leg/knee.

Today I am finishing up on the 2nd sock. These are for my sister Chaachi. Just a plain sock using some Regia I had. I would have been done sooner but I realized that the would have been too small, so I had to rip back the 1st sock and redo from the ribbing. It is worth it because now they will fit much better.

Thanks to all that responded to my plea of helping me find that particular sock fit solutions. I/we haven’t found it yet, but I am just trudging on.


4 thoughts on “Friends and Father’s Day – socks too

  1. I was smiling at the D&D – my husband and his mates from univerity (20-odd years ago) still meet up – I’m sure one of the games has been running nearly that long!

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