It Kicked My Butt

I tried and tried, but finally threw in the towel on this one.
Socks - not

It was meant to be a anklet/footie made out of Cool Wool Merino 2000 – a very springy DK weight 100% wool yarn. Very soft.

I must have done the ribbing about 3 times. Mainly because of the fact that I did the rolled cast-on wrong a few times, then I finally got it kind-of right. Right enough that nobody but me would notice that I was one stitch off and had a loose stitch at the end. But that could be fixed. Then I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn for a full 4 inches of stockinette before doing the heel – that was an easy fix – just ripped back.

It was the heel that kicked my butt. I thought I would follow the directions for the garter-stitch short row heel that the pattern had vs. my own fav short-row heel done in garter stitch. I think because the yarn was so thick (but done on little needles) it was too dense to execute the k3togs, but I trudged on – trying different techniques until I finally had enough. Once I totally ripped the sock I realized I should have just ripped out the heel, and tried a regular stockinette short-row heel, but it was too late.

I thought long and hard about what to try next. What would take that bad experience loser feeling out? Perhaps trying with some yarn that was very, very different colorwise? Nah. I decided to retry some yarn that had previously given me fits.

I may have set myself up for another loser experience – seeing that I have already noticed that the willow bud pattern (Essential Socks) just isn’t doing it. I have the top ribbing done, and have done one repeat of the buds, but have already decided that they aren’t worth the effort. They do look nice as a single row. Now only 3 x 2 ribbing down the leg and a short row heel, plain foot and short row toe. If all goes well I will have a set done by the end of the weekend.

We shall see.


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