And a good time was had by all.

I did make it to the MN Ample Knitters meeting yesterday. We switch locations where we will meet. Did you ever try to come to a decision amongst very flexible people? Kerry is nice enough to make the decision for us each month.

This month we met at Needlework Unlimited at 5:30. Yeah, we meet after the store is closed. They are even kind enough to let us order in food and just hang out. It is like when celebrities have a store close so that they can do their shopping in private – sweet!

I don’t drive out to NU very often since I have become so enamoured of Borealis Yarns. So because this was a bit of a trip, I decided to really make a day of it. I planned out a strategy of leaving the house about 2:00, drive to the NU Outlet Store (only open on weekends) and then a trip to Bead Monkey before the AK gathering.

Here is what I got
even more sock yarn - 4 socks worh
4 socks worth of yarn.

I know I know, I had just posted how I already have enough for 20+ pairs – but but – this yarn was such a deal! Four socks worth of yarn for about $7.25 each pair. And I need some mellow yarn because I don’t want to be one of those crazy ladies with the neon feet. At least not all the time.

That shopping took almost no time. Next, off to Bead Monkey to purchase crimp tubes. Of course I came out with a lot more. I wanted to re-string my amber bracelet. The bracelet was one done up on elastic cord. I am not anti-elastic, but I wanted a more bracelet look this time, so I decided to string them on wire with a real clasp. When I was shopping around the stringing materials section, I found something called "wire savers". They are used to protect your stringing wire and make for a more professional/standard closure. Here they are in action:

wire saver

I added some cloissone beads at each end. I thought I would have to use them so that I could pass a doubled wire through, but it turns out I really didn’t need them because the holes in the amber beads were big enough. But I think it looks nice. I bought 2 more so I could make matching earrings, but now I realize that if I want to make a set, I need bendy wire to make the bead dangle at the end. – Sigh – I always seem to need to make 2 trips to get anything finished. Such is life.

Ate a quick late lunch early dinner and headed out to NU for some early shopping. Met up with Mary, tooled over to get something to drink before the meeting, then back to NU. A smallish group this month (I guess only 2 last month). But a good time was had by all.


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