One down, one to go

So, I just finished my ridged feather (Sensational Knitted Socks).

Here it is:

Ridged Feather Socks - Sensational Knitted Socks

I love it! It fits super, probably the best I have ever made. Stats: CO 72 stitches and did the garter stitch beginning, modified the 11 st pattern to be an 8 st pattern so I could do 72 stitches vs 88. I did the forethought heel – major pain in the butt. It involved a provisional cast on, and managing that while trying to join in the round on size 1 needles was not an easy feat. It turned out nice though.

Because I did the 72 stitches CO I had to modify where I started the heel so that the stitch pattern would center. Oh, and I switched to size 1 needles for the heel and foot vs. the 1.5 I used for the CO and leg.

I have cast on for the 2nd and will probably just do a afterthought heel because in the long run, it will be easier to just keep on knitting and I will be able to visually center easier, etc.

Today is my mom’s 72nd birthday! I made her a very beautiful bracelet (if I must say so myself) with lapiz and gold filled beads. I forgot to photo it, and then was dumb enough to forget to photo it again when I took both her and my brother Steve’s (visiting from Florida) out for lunch. Duh!

Here is Mom/Helene
Helene Aguirre at 72 years in 2006

Here is Steve
Steve Aguirre in 2006

For any of you Minnesotans: There is a great spiritual exhibit coming near the twin cities. It is the Relic Tour for the Maitreya Project. The next incarnation of the Buddha is the Maitreya (Compassionate) Buddha. Funeral relics (cremated remains) from Buddhas and Lamas are being displayed. Donations are being collected for a huge Maitreya Buddha statue being built in India. If you are interested, Visit the Maitreya Project website.

The relics are very beautifully displayed and some are also used to bless anyone that desires a blessing. A small group of us went last year and it was a beautiful spiritual experience. We brought our dogboy Spencer for a blessing too! Buddists believe that to help the animal kingdom gain enlightment is a great service and a blessing too.


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