Out and About Online

Sometimes life is too fun and much more silly than fiction.

Here is one of my daily online comics – you may not have heard of this one, kooky drawn characters in a one-cell style

Ann Modesitt has a really good blog. I have her on in my favorites folder on bloglines, and today she had a new post.

On the right side column of her blog she has a book link to Men Who Knit and the Dogs that Love Them. Looks cute.

Amazon tries to get you to buy a similar title, this time it was Knitting With Balls: The First Contemporary Guide To Knitting For The Modern Male. Heh! When I clicked on that one the push was for Not Tonight Darling I’m Knitting. By Betty Hosegood. I know it seems mean but that whole sequence of links is just way too funny. I really wondered if I was following an elaborate trick via fake Amazon links.

Real knitting content
I should have googled around to see who else had done up the Welt Fantastic socks that I am knitting. Would have found out that they run a bit small. So when I tried to get them on, I could but it was hard going and pulled the pattern too much for my taste. I was already into the foot (sans heel because it is an afterthought). So I cast around in my mind thinking of who would appreciate a pair of hand-knit socks in this particular color scheme. I am thinking that Andrea would like them. Need to ask her today at our Reiki Share and potluck at Mary‘s house.

Life with Reiki
A Reiki Share is where we get together and do group hands-on energy healing (Reiki). Each person gets a turn on the massage table, and then we group around them and lightly touch a section of their body (nothing funny going on, and no massage or rubbing either). It is very, very relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Because we have a big enough group of experienced healers we only have to spend about 10 minutes on each person. After we get done we hang out and eat (of course) and talk about life and laugh while I knit.

More later.


One thought on “Out and About Online

  1. Bummer about the Welt Fantastics! Ah well, hopefully you find someone who will appreciate them.

    And the heat broke! Now, when will the humidity break??

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