Waiting For The Verdict

I finished one of the welt fantastic socks (sensational knitted socks) a few days ago. Now I need to get together with Andrea to see if it fits.

welt fantastic
I am thinking I need to invest in those sock blockers so I can photo these easier.

welt fantastic
Upclose detail

welt fantastic
Down the front of the foot. I chose not to continue the purl ridges on the instep because I thought it would feel weird in a shoe.

I picked up a scarf I was doing in Cherry Tree Hill – the seafoam stitch pattern, will probably finish the ball of yarn up tonight.

scarf done in seafoam stitch pattern

It is cooler here in MN now. We can actually open up windows and go back to just fans. Much better sleeping (and living) weather.


5 thoughts on “Waiting For The Verdict

  1. I’m over from the SKS KAL, just wanted to say I love your Welt Fantastic. I’ve also finished just one of the pair, and it’s also small for my size 10 foot. It’s even a bit tight on my mom’s 7-1/2 foot, but I’m hoping it blocks out to at least fit her.

    Love your blog!

  2. Love the CTH, it’s one that I have yet to try, although as you can well imagine I have no business at all even thinking about buying any more sock yarn at all!!

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