Starting the week out nicely

I finished one brown sock last night and started the 2nd. Here is the finished one:

Brown and Cream - Ridged Feather - Sensational Knitted Socks

It fits very nicely. The heel could be deeper, not because it doesn’t fit, but I think I will start plain rows in the heel before doing the short-row heel, just for a better look.

I have a question for all you sock knitters out there. Do you use sock reinforcing nylon or fuzzy nylon in your socks? If you do, how do you match the reinforcement to the color of patterned yarns?

WT and I watched most of the What The Bleep – Down the Rabbit Hole, Quantum Edition last night. We turned off the "dramatic portions" and because it was then talking heads, good to knit to. Great stuff. Makes me want to be a physicist. Okay, so not really because I don’t really enjoy the thought of school (anymore) so I did the next best thing by marrying a physicist. Hee!


7 thoughts on “Starting the week out nicely

  1. Sorry, I can’t be of any help regarding your nylon reinforcing question. I don’t add that to my heels, but I also don’t wear the socks I make around very much. I’ll wear them for sitting watching television, or for knitting.

    Good luck with that though, and your sock does look very nice.


  2. I keep thinking I’ll use reinforcing thread. I buy it, then forget it when the time comes. So, while I have matched a lot of colors, I have equally never used it. I’ve never noticed a problem with my socks – it’s the tension that seems to effect how well they wear.

    As for matching a color, dark colors receed. So, in varigated yarn, I pick the darkest, “quietest” color I think will be in the heel.

  3. Pretty sock!!! It reminds me of the colors in a mochacino! I don’t use reinforcing thread on socks because I don’t give them a lot of hard wear. We missed you at knitting group on Saturday!

  4. Beautiful sock! I don’t use reinforcing thread in all my socks, but when I do, I usually match to the darkest color. I just discovered Woolly Thread and am trying that out, it’s much thinner than the reinforcing thread and, I think, will be less noticeable (and much cheaper with a 40% JoAnn’s coupon, don’tcha know).

  5. Gorgeous sock!! I love the tan colour scheme you have going on…I never use reinforcing thread ever, but I love how with the Jawoll yarn they always give you a little card of matching yarn, just in case.

  6. If the sock yarn is made with a percentage of acrylic yarn, I do not use a re-enforcing yarn. If it does not, ideally, I would use the wooly nylon which you get at fabric stores, but I usually forget. My socks do not wear out in the usual spots re-enforcing yarn is used (heel and toe) but under the ball of my foot, so that is where I use it.

  7. I never use reinforcing thread. There’s one school of thought that suggests it makes the reinforced areas wear faster, because the nylon cuts into the yarn. I’ve found the best thing for helping socks wear well is knitting them very tightly.

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