Wonderful surprises

Yesterday I posted that I thought my sock blockers were waiting for me at the post office. Today I went to pick them up.

Hefted the package and thought, "man, these are really heavy!" The postperson agreed.

Walked out to the car where my sister, Chaachi and dogboy, Spencer were waiting. I wanted to show the blockers off, so I opened the priority mail box. Immediately realizing that this was not the sock blockers but instead, my Yarn Aboard II package!.

My package is from Gretchen. She had so much goodies for me that they didn’t all fit into the YA box.

Yarn Aboard II - Christopher Columbus

My delivery man/explorer is Christopher Columbus. He is looking a bit weary already. But he assures me he has a lot of stamina (his being Italian and all). Here is what he brought:

a record of CC's voyage so far
As you can see, we are early in Christopher’s journey.

a huge pile of goodies!
Gretchen took my likes to heart. A big pile of sour candies, and some yummy dark chocolate as well. Wow!

The stars of the package are in this photo:

yarn, soap and sheep
Handmade soap – made by Gretchen herself! Sugared Pink & Yuyu=japanese grapefruit. They both smell wonderful. I am a big fan of handmade soap, and Gretchen chose wonderfully. I am very tempted to take a 2nd shower so I can use them right away.

The little dark grey sheep is so cute!

And the yarn is lovely. Here is a close-up so you can see the colors better:

The Natural Dye Studio - Blue Faced Leicester Sock Yarn

It is from The Natural Dye Studio – Blue Faced Leicester Sock – each 50 gm., 180 yards. The photo doesn’t do the yarn justice, and you don’t get to feel how soft it is.

I know I will have a great time finding just the right sock pattern for this lovely yarn. Be sure to check out their website, The Natural Dye Studio. I am going back there and to Gretchen’s blog too.

Thanks Gretchen!


9 thoughts on “Wonderful surprises

  1. Susan, I really want to start a knit blog but am having trouble uploading clear photos. Do you have your camera set at anything specific? This is driving me nuts and nobody seems to have an answer. Any tips you can provide would be great. Thank you.

  2. I saw from your party photos that you have been teaching knitting and I’m wondering (again) if I can get you to teach Rachel to knit. She’s been doing a little sewing with my mom so she might finally be up for knitting.

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