More Sensational Knitted Socks

I finished the Waffle Rib socks made from Sockata some time ago, but I haven’t posted a photo yet. Here it is, along with one sock of another set of Ridged Feather that I am working on right now.

Ridged Feather and Waffle Rib

You can also see my new sock blockers from Chappy’s Fiber Arts & Crafts. I love the blockers, I may order more. I am thinking of hanging a few pair on the walls in my computer/knitting/beading room.

Here’s some close-up shots of both socks:

sensational knitted socks

sensational knitted socks

Great right? The bad news is I made the Ridged Feather sock a bit too short, so I will need to undo the toe, rip back to the foot and knit about 8 more rows. I have more than enough yarn to do this, but dang – I did such a good job on the kitchener and all.

Other news. Coming up October 13 – 15 I will be attending the Wisconsin Spin In. This time it is in Wausau, WI. No outdoor events, just classes and vendors and such in a hotel. I am going to have a great time getting away – just me myself and I. I have signed up for 3 classes: Dyeing Patterned Sock Yarn with Tracey Schuh, Dyeing with Natural Indigo with Stefania Isaacson, and Straighten Your World With Combs with Susan McFarland. I hope I get into all these, if not – time to spin, knit or shop!

William-Thomas will be dropping me off at the hotel, then heading farther north for some time with his brother and sister-in-law. Spencer will be going too, of course.

My poor puppy is having some stomach woes right now – very gassy. Time for a bland diet and Acidophilus to get his tummy back in order.

I am really enjoying the Fall-like weather. This weekend we will be going to the Minnesota Rennaissance Festival. I didn’t plan on going this year, but Brenda of Pink Moon Hallow sent me 2 free tickets. Hard to say no to that! If you are going, be sure to check out her booth. She makes and sells the best soap, incense, scented oils, etc.