Log Cabin Syndrome

I have it.

It feels good.

You will be infected on reading this blog, so it is already too late. You will be infected and assimilated.

I have it so bad I am actually thinking of getting back into quilting. Thinking hard about it.

Hope this photo doesn’t make you cringe, cause it is very bright.

Moderne Log Cabin - Cotton-Ease
Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

Like KatieLiz, I have decided to keep my waiting stitches on holders rather than bind off. I think it makes for a better look, and because I have Denise Needles it is super easy. I have the extra long cords which are going to be very handy. I am knitting the larger size from Mason Dixon Knitting (the book, not the blog – heh!). Using my knock-your-eyes-out bright Cotton-Ease (discontinued – wah!). The next section will be in that lilac that is placed next to that pink/red block. I think the lilac will actually tone the colors down – we shall see. Bright is good, right?

Anyway, not being able to knit a pattern without modification…. seeing this is done in a heavier weight yarn, I modified the cast-on and knit rows count, and the resulting pick up and knit row counts to get a similar size of 50" x 60". I also rearranged the color placement to suit myself.

I will have more than enough in each color for the main part of the spread. Fingers crossed. I want to knit a multiple colored border but that might not work with the blue because I only have a bit of that – hence it being in only 2 of the smaller sized blocks.

Other knitting: finished the pair of Ridged Feather just in time for my birthday on 9/28. I wore them to my spa pedicure – lovely! If you haven’t ever had one, I highly recommend them. I have plans on making them a more regular treat. I even had my toenails painted – a first!

I have started another set of ridged feather (of course) in what is some of the first sock yarn I have ever purchased. Photos and more details later.


8 thoughts on “Log Cabin Syndrome

  1. I made a Log Cabin out of Cotton-Ease, too. I love how all the colors look together.

    And, if you haven’t heard, Lion Brand is bring Cotton-Ease back!!

  2. A Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

    I love the idea of using Cotton Ease and may have to make a second one using my stash. But not until this first one is finished… I mean it… NO! REALLY!!

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