Everything old is new again

Still knitting away on my Modern Log Cabin (Mason Dixon Knitting). Here is a more up-to-date shot of my progress:
moderne log cabin
The red will be the last of that side (before border). After the red is complete I still have 2 HUGE squares to do, just to the right. -sigh-

It is so large now that I cannot take it out for public knitting. Back to socks and gift knitting when I am out and about.

***Knitting Content Ends***

Lately a lot of my time is put toward quilting. Not actually doing anything like quilting, mind you, but the all the planning and reading, reading, reading and planning, that goes with putting your toe back into the waters of an old consuming hobby.

Here’s what I have been reading and looking and planning with: heap-o-books
new reading material on the heap-o-books.

another heap-o-books
old stuff from the heap-o-books. I have plenty more, just thought more photos of piles of books would be boring.

Besides all the mental stuff there has been some work/fun too. Like getting out the partially completed quilt tops and getting them ready to be finished. I am attempting to get some very old stains out of some of my double wedding ring pieces. I don’t think they will be 100% gone, but a little bit of stain will look like a nicely aged quilt. That is what I am telling myself.

I have also decided to just finish whatever I have – not resize or anything. Quilts don’t have to cover the whole bed (hang over and all).

And… some of my activity has been the purchase more fabric and books type of activity. Boy, online fabric selection is fantastic! Great deals.

I bought some 1930s fat quarters to make Wash Day Stars. I didn’t buy the kit because I want to change it up a bit. Instead of the yellow borders I would like a nice medium blue, I might also change some of the tones on the solid parts of the stars – orange instead of the purple, or just add orange into the mix. I might change the size up a bit too. From that website I did order 25 fat quarters of 1930s prints – assorted colors. Kind of sight-unseen, but I am not worried about it. That quilt and the store were one of the ones profiled in Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler Magazine. I would link it but the website is horrible – too many pop-ups.

Some serious slobberific quilts and stores in that magazine. I drooled over it all the way to my 3-day weekend in Wausau, and keep going back to it every night to look at the pretty photos.

I have been also studying/dreaming/planning on the quilts in Quick & Easy Romantic Quilts. I bought my copy from Half-Price Books for $3.98. It is worth the cover price of $13.95 though.

There are many quilts in there that I would love to make and the funny thing is, I would want to follow the colors she used – not with the exact same prints, but following the color/tone. Knowing that, it was still somewhat exasperating to find what I was looking for. I guess it was easier than dragging myself to what might be several local quilt stores, but still:

I ended up purchasing more than enough fabric from Thousands of Bolts, Only One Nut.

Here is the quilt:
indigo sky
Indigo Sky

The fabric I ordered:
my indigo sky
My Indigo Sky

I hope when the fabric arrives I won’t have to change anything, but adding some fabric to the heap is a reasonable thing. Just as long as it doesn’t get out-of-hand.

This post is ending soon, I promise 🙂
Chappysmom is having a contest called "Calendar Girl". She is asking that we post photos from November calendars . Here is one from Inner Reflections – from the Self-Realization fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda). If you love nature photos you might want to check this one out, it has some of the best I have seen – better than the obvious nature choices (IMHO). I have been buying this calendar for several years now.

and to show that it is from November:

Here is a bright one from the calendar, Healing Mandalas:

and to show it is from November


6 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

  1. The log cabin knitting blanket looks like it will be very warm. The quilting project is beautiful, and I wish you the best with it. How exciting and fun … quilting is a lovely art form.


  2. They’re beautiful calendar pictures–thank you for playing!

    And, hey, I have that “Creative American Quilting” book, too! (I can’t look at a pile of books without trying to figure out what they are and if I’ve read them….)

  3. quilting has definitely caught my eye and the books, fabric, etc. you show is so tempting! i’m in the process of paring down and cleaning out the craft room so i can buy a sewing machine — i can’t wait to actually sit down and get sewing. the fabrics you chose are lovely!

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