It must be a Libra thing

I am a Libra. That means I like balance and for things to be pleasing. I am also a recovering perfectionist and procrastinator. My theory is that that if you are a procrastinator you might be a very strong perfectionist. Take projects like knitting or quilting; if you have an unfinished object (UFO) then that project still has a chance of being perfect. Once it is finished, it is either perfect or more often, not. So, many perfectionists procrastinate the completion of projects.

I have worked mighty hard at giving up on both the perfectionism and procrastination. I finish many, many projects. I do whatever pleases me now, and love my weird ways. When I make a mistake that only I will notice, I try to balance it to suit me and in many ways that just means repeating the error for balance. Sounds weird, but it works. Like if I find that I made a mistake waaaaaaay up on the sock and I am at the toe, I just leave it, but repeat the exact same mistake in the other sock. Balance! And perfect in its own screwy logic way.

The reason I am rambling on about this is that I am realizing why I may have given up quilting in the 80s. The math, and having to deal with the fact that I love random/scrappy quilts but I cannot bear to be totally random.

Hence all the planning. I am heavy into it for the
Wash Day StarsWash Day Stars.

I got my order lickety-split from Anna Lena’s. It is amazing how much fabric can be jammed into a priority "flat" envelope! It was bulging and had already popped open, but the fabrics were fine.

Once I received the fabrics, I had to start figuring out how to get 134 strips (6 of each 22 colors plus two extra strips) out of a possible 197 combinations of 2 colors (allowing for the fact that I would not put a red next to a red, blue next to blue. So I scanned my color choices and numbered them too. Now I am in the process of whittling down puey combinations (pink next to orange). Here is my fabric (25 fat quarters were in the bunch, I already set aside 3 prints that just don’t work for this quilt).
my wash day stars
click for a better view

But this time, instead of worrying if it is "right" and procrastinate the finishing, I will keep plugging away until it is complete and I am sure I will love how it turns out.


3 thoughts on “It must be a Libra thing

  1. I so get what you’re saying! I couldn’t become a serious quilter until I had gotten over my perfectionism. Otherwise, I would never get anything done to completion! Good luck with that!

  2. The perfectionist/procrastination thing isn’t just a Libra thing; I’m a Scorpio. My husband just doesn’t get why I put things off or ignore them. Sometimes it is because I know I’ll never be able to get it completely perfect, so I choose to put it off.

    Beautiful fabric.

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