Weather Reality has returned

It is a grey day here in Saint Paul, MN. Like it should be. I liked the warmer days for the last few, but they also kind of creeped me out. Something felt wrong. Like global warming kind of wrong.

Anyway…. I don’t think I mentioned that I was signed up for the Combination Knitting class with Annie Modesitt. The class was fabulous (inside joke). The class was through Original Sewing & Quilt Expo.

They had a lot of classes, but mostly catering to machine embroidery and sewing, and of course quilting. Cause you can see that they don’t have the word knit in the title of who they are (heh). But Three Kittens Needle Arts and a few other local and non local knit shops were there.

I thought this conference would be a good way to see a lot of fabric and new doohickies displayed and imagined many, many vendors with pre-cut fabric (fat quarters) and quilt kits and, you know, STUFF! There were plenty of vendors, but their displays were kind of jammed up or puny and there wasn’t a lot of fabric in any of them. Many, many women though – milling around and it was kind of loud in the vendor area. Most of the vendors sold sparkly stuff and there was a lot of machine embroidery there. Big machines cranking away, or large displays of the embroidery done up. Not what I am into.

The prizes were good enough for me to stick around until 5:15 when they were awarded (must be present to win). But I didn’t win any of them, and because of the time I hit major traffic. Kind of wish I hadn’t stayed so long. I did talk to a lot of nice people though.

Back to the class. I already knew how to do combination knitting, but I just wanted to experience Annie Modesitt. She is really something else – a very good something else. She is a good teacher and loves to knit – has a great energy and tells lots of funny stories. The class was kind of large, but we all had a chance to see her demo extra stuff and I think we all had fun, at least I did. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her – do!


Added at 3:15 p.m.:

It just seemed wrong to not have a photo, so I give you this:
Spencer on his new bed
Spencer on his new bed from Doctors Foster This bed is seriously huge; Spencer is a big 90+ dog. I was going to crop the photo so you wouldn’t see the mound of pillows and other junk, but it just seemed wrong to have just a bit of Guinevere’s butt in the photo. As you can see, she has been practicing being a black cat again.

Now I feel at Peace!

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