Knitting on ZenKnit?!?

I actually have some knitting news to share.

Finished one sock – another Ridged Feather (Sensational Knitted Socks). Here it is:
Ridged Feather - Jawol

That’s good news, right? The bad news is that I started it on September 29th. The mate will have to wait because I am starting on my "super secret holiday projects". There may be other socks, there may be the finishing of projects that should have been completed some time ago – who knows?

And on that vein, I think I spent about one hour doing a very focused search for the marked up copy (notes and such) of the vest I promised my mother (was it for last Christmas or was it a birthday? Anyway…). By the time I found the notes/pattern, I had lost the energy to work on it, but it is good to go when the crave (read: guilt) strikes again.

I am both knitting the edge and working on the last 2 monster sections of the Moderne Log Cabin. I decided to do an applied i-cord using the dark blue. Here it is:
Moderne Log Cabin - applied i-cord edge

I thought about doing a multicolored edge but decided that I had enough of the dark blue to make all the way around. It is turning out nice, right? I wish I would have started it on the wrong side, so the raised edge would be on the right side, but it still looks good. I also wish I would have started it after I had finished the last 2 sections – because now I have this huge project with 3 balls of yarn tangling up every time I turn it around to do the next row. Live and learn I guess.

I am torn on keeping it for myself (original plan) or gifting it away. It is very comfy and warm without being too heavy and I am really liking the colors. If I gift it away I will definitely make another for myself using some of the new colors of Cotton-Ease that will be coming out.

Back to knitting now.


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