Trudging on

My head hurts. I hope I didn’t get a bug from my DH (WT). He was home with a raging sinus infection SINCE LAST THURSDAY. Having loved ones around all the time is both nice and not-so-nice.

Nice in that they are there, not-so-nice in that they are always there. *grin*

I bought huge piles of yarn at 3 Kittens Needle Arts because they had a whole ton on their front porch. The shop has new owner(s?) and they were clearing out old stock. I scored a bunch of Plymouth Sinsation (like Muench Touch Me) for some Vintage Velvet scarves (Interweaves Scarf Style). The reason I am so emphatic is that Sinsation is usually $13 a ball, and has about 1/2 the yardage of Touch Me, so that would make a pretty expensive scarf, right? How about at 75% off? Whooooweeeee! I didn’t know exactly how much to purchase, but I figured 8 skeins of each color that I could get would do it. We shall see. Here’s one of the colors I purchased:

Plymouth Sinsation for Vintage Velvet scarves

I also bought a few skeins of for some striped tube socks for a Christmas gift for a young lady – lets call her Elf. I have in my mind something cool/funky and wanted to do a twirling 2 color thing with blue and purple, but I can’t seem to find the right yarn. The yarn I bought didn’t work – too thick. It will make great baby hats and mitts, so I just set that yarn aside for later.

The purple/blue hand dyed yarn that I dyed with this project in mind wasn’t enough yardage. So back to my stash of sock yarn and tried this out:

socks - maybe for me

It is lovely (Trekking XXL) but too frumpy for Elf. I don’t have the heart to rip it out because I might make it into a sock for me – later.

So back to the stash again. I finally decided the Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in the Lime n Violet colorway would be perfect, and it is!

Socks! Merino - Lime n Violet

I am doing a K3, P2 cuff for 4 inches and then start spiraling the ribbing around in a long tube sock with a star toe. Elf is growing fast, so making a sock that fits just right with a heel and a definite foot length would be a issue – tube socks will work longer. The sock yarn is delicious, very soft but a bit thinner than most sock yarn I’ve used. I am using 0s to do the sock, where I usually use US 1s or US 1.5 (one of those type that isn’t a true 1 or a 2). Just this one sock yarn (vs. 2 for a spiral stripe) because it is already pretty funky looking. I hope Elf likes them.


5 thoughts on “Trudging on

  1. Thanks for commenting in my old journal! All of the fabric pictured in that particular post is by Moda. The quilt is made of the Faded Memories collection, the piles of fabric are Mistletoe Manor, and the sachets are Old Fashioned Charm.

  2. Hi, Susan — I stopped by to thank you for your informative comment and got totally sidetracked by the TCKnit yahoo group. So, I wandered off and attempted to join the group. I hope I make the cut! You are a busy woman with quilting, spinning AND knitting going on. I can barely find time to clean (actually, I don’t find time for that…).

  3. I’ve been trying to stay away from Three Kittens because I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN!!! I keep hearing about these fantastic buys, though… Must. Remain. Strong. I adore that Trekking though – what color number is it? Maybe AFTER the new year I could pick up a skein of sock yarn.

  4. Hope your DH feels better soon – the crud is really going around. My brother has a sinus and an ear infection and my SIL has bronchitis…

    I love the Lime’n’Violet colorway – I bet Elf will, too!

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