Christmas clowns

burgundy?I colored my hair. I don’t know why, but I have been feeling the need to have my hair be purple or something close. It could be my version of mid-life crisis. The crisis part is that hair dye manufacturers don’t seem to recognize my needs. A lot of reds, no purples. The closest I could get is a burgundy color.

Kind of clownish. Granted, this is in the full sunlight. I know it will fade, and it’s only hair. But I don’t really care for clowns. Oh well!

Further steps of easing back into the quilting thang. I thought that I should make something quick and easy to get the measuring – cutting – sewing juices flowing again. I saw a patchwork scarf done up with batiks and a fabric called minkee so I decided to rip-off do an homage to that. I bought 6 fabric fat-quarters at Joann Etc. in Christmas-like colors, and fleece (much cheaper). Not really blatant primary red and green, but greens and reds and cherry colors, even some blue tones. Cut the fabric into various width strips, sewed them together and used the fleece for the backside – a nice strawberry color (and it will look so nice with my hair! *grin*). Here are two, with Spencer’s hiney in the background. I have 2 scarves more – I went kind of crazy, they will make good Christmas gifts.

I am also now working on the 2nd Elf sock – really loving the Lime N Violet sock yarn.

Elf girl socksDid you notice that the grass is still green? Weird weather here in MN. It feels like spring, and while it is very nice for shopping and such, just too strange for me. I hope it snows by Christmas day. But I guess I can’t do much about it right now. And on that note, hope you all have seen the Al Gore movie about global climate change. A MUST SEE.

I am also working on some mini felted bags using the Kureyon-Chan pattern. Thanks Chris! Except mine are done in the Patons Soy Wool. It is really nice yarn, and feels kind of like silky hair. If I get permission I will show you before and after felting photos soon.

Back at it – Peace!

4 thoughts on “Christmas clowns

  1. I think that’s a lovely hair color! I live in Uptown – that’s NOT a clown color. Trust me on that. 🙂

    You totally have permission! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures. And I love those socks – that’s a cool colorway.

  2. I love the hair color. I’m a natural redhead and always wanted mine to be just a tinge purplish like that, because in sunlight mine is orange, though thankfully a more faded orangy color these days.

    Your is lovely.

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