Moderne Log Cabin

Christmas day is usually pretty quiet. This year even more so because WT and I had opened up almost all our gifts days and days before. Hey, we are adults so that is okay, right?

I had a chance to finish knitting the large sized Moderne Log Cabin afghan from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Did you notice that I said "finished knitting" vs. finished? That means I still have about a million ends to tuck in. I managed a few Christmas day but then needed to take a break. I still haven’t finished, but I might take another crack at it tonight.

For those of you who are interested, I thought I would share a bit of the details:

First, I scanned the page from the book that showed the color layout. Then after choosing the yarn I wanted to use, I brought the scan into my PaintShop Pro and worked on the scan – making rectangles to overlay and then filling in with colors. I didn’t like the original color layout, so I changed it up a bit.

Next was figuring out my gauge and doing the math to determine how to get the correct finished size 50" x 60" out of worsted weight yarn (Cotton Ease).

From the gauge swatch I determined that I was getting 4 stitches and 8 ridges (16 rows) per inch. I then marked up the print of my colored scan so that I would have all the numbers handy.

While I was knitting I kept track of how many stitches I could get out of a whole skein. It came out to approx. 9216 sts per skein. Knowing that, I determined each square total stitch count (stitches x ridges x 2 (because each ridge is 2 rows)) so I could be sure I had enough of each color.

I knit this up leaving the live stitches on the needle instead of binding each rectangle off, and then having to pick up those bound edges. My Denise needles came in really handy here – especially since I had already purchased the additional extra long cables that are sold separately.

Just for the curious, for this large size log cabin in worsted weight it came out to a total of 96,000 stitches – without the i-cord binding calculations. I am not crazy/mental weirdo must calculate it lady (okay, I am but) in order to do the pattern you have to know the number of stitches per rectangle and also the number of rows – it is all a part of the pattern.

For the 2 side-by-side squares I had originally went about following the directions, but I thought it looked sloppy, so I tore that all out and knit each one separate. I zipped them up together at the end.

The edge is done with i-cord in the dark blue color. I wish I had flipped it before I started the i-cord so that the raised edge would be on the front vs. the back.

front with i-cord edging

back with i-cord edging

To end, I would make this again and probably will. Another worsted weight but not cotton-ease because I don’t have enough to do another and I am not liking the new colors – too pale.

If anybody has questions about my calculations or such, please feel free to email me at

Here is a last photo of my dogboy Spencer helping me:

After finishing the knitting I had some time to kick back and just do a lot of nothing – at least for a few minutes before we had some friends over for a multi-course dinner. Nothing fancy, just one of those can’t get it all together timed right all at once, so we pretend it was planned that way. Spicy chicken wings, roasted potatoes, steak, cheesy artichoke dip with crackers, spreadable cheeses, and a variety of goodies (homemade peanut brittle and cinnamon walnuts, plus some other store bought/gifted goodies). Yum!

Then gifts and just hanging out. We still aren’t totally done with Christmas because this next weekend is another gathering at my friend’s house with her 3 girls. More gifts, hanging out and fun. Plus New Year’s eve with another set of friends. We might get a group together pre-party gathering to go see Eragon (fingers crossed).


8 thoughts on “Moderne Log Cabin

  1. The baby version I did with Cotton Fleece turned out pretty well and there are a lot of CF colors! Yours is gorgeous!! I feel your pain – because of the anal way I do ends, it took me 5.5 hours to weave them all end….

  2. Holy Calculations, Math Woman! I thought I was anal about such things but you amaze me. In the end, it seems to be so worth it, though, because it’s gorgeous. Nice job.

  3. Can’t see your pictures; sure wish I could. I have made three log cabins and am just beginning a fourth, using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. Thought maybe a moderne would be a nice change.

    My site is just getting going, and I don’t know much about how to make it interesting yet. But I do think my knitting is something you may wish to see.


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