Drunken Beef – drunk cow, mad cow?

Okay, here is the recipe:

My mom gave it to me labeled Roast Beef Heaven

5 lbs beef roast – boneless
3 cans beef onion soup – campbells type, regular size. I use their condensed french onion soup.
1 can/bottle of beer. I use a good imported german beer, the name escapes me at the moment. The directions say to open the beer/bottle and let it sit a while, but I don’t have that kind of patience or planning; I just pour it in all bubbly-like.
1 shot bourbon whiskey (2 oz). You can buy a travel size if you don’t want a lot of whiskey hanging around. I used Jack Daniel’s.

Put it all together, cover and bake at 325 degrees for 4-5 hours. Uncover for the last hour or so so that the gravy/sauce will thicken. Serve on buns, or treat as a regular roast beef. It will fall apart, you hardly need a knife. Yum. It doesn’t taste boozy; I think the liquor just acts as a tenderizer.

Speaking of knives, I managed to carve out some time to iron the quilt pieces. great segway, huh?

I decided I needed to lay them out so that I could see it done up. As a sew along I can check that I have the placement correctly. Right now checking the layout (with the fabrics of the original pattern) is driving me into a brain jam. I wonder if that is what translators feel?

Here is the photo, you might want to shield your eyes a bit if you are color sensitive *grin*:

If you really eyeball it you will see that something is off, and no, it is not the colors – I like it this way – it is that there is a piece missing. Of course, I found it under the last section I picked up.

I might start sewing on it when I finish here, or wait to do a bit tomorrow, but I don’t think I will have it completely sewn up like I hoped. But that is okay because it was just a flimsy desire, and totally changeable.


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