Foxes and Rabbits

I have been knitting and sewing a bit, but not a lot to show you. I am in a red and pink mood – probably because February is coming in, but mostly because I love red, and find myself needing pink socks.

Why pink socks? Because. I wear a lot of red, raspberry and pink things – but don’t have any hand knit socks. Not enough hand knit socks for me in any color. I have a lot of sock yarn, but just need to get down to it again.

I did need to shop for the red and the pink though. I picked up a lovely red and grey Cherry Tree Hill named Foxy Lady. Try saying or thinking that without the Jimmy Hendrix voice. Tried more than a few scarf patterns for making the perfect red toned scarf. No go on all of them. Got back on the internet and found this pattern for a stitch called Rabbit Tracks. Perfect! Foxes and rabbits don’t really go together in the getting along way, and similarly, I had to really work on getting them together. I finally landed on the right number of stitches, the right start, the right edging and am making my way along fine now. Here is what I have so far:

To help keep knitting relaxing and more flowing, I find using a small note, pinned to the arm of my sofa where I knit – does the trick vs. something on a magnet board. Of course, this only works for the simple patterns. This one is simple enough to have completely in memory, but I know myself well enough to have it written so that I have a bit of reminder. Makes for fewer mistakes.

Stress-free stuff is important right now. I had a bit of an exciting day on Wednesday. I have a history of racing heart episodes. Nothing to worry about – it is what it is, and I have had my heart checked out many times. I just have a heart that likes to really get ramped up sometimes. Well, this time it raced for too long. I had my sister take me to the emergency center (clinic, not a hospital). Of course by then the racing had stopped (good thing). But my pulse and blood pressure showed that I still needed help. The doctor suggested that I change my blood pressure medication immediately, and come back the next day (Thursday). So that is what I did. I am feeling much better now, but not quite 100%. Just trying to chill a bit and relax with my knitting.

Sewing right now isn’t so relaxing. My dog doesn’t like when I spend too much time with my energy focused elsewhere (computer and sewing). He is okay with my knitting, isn’t that weird? Here he is, hanging off the sofa, chilling out like his mama.

Right now I am feeling calm but sad. Sad because my youngest brother Vim’s dogboy Ace died this morning. They have been pals for a long time. Ace (I liked to call him Acey Security System) was a sweet dog – feisty and big acting like all little dogs are. A true companion. I would like to think that he is somewhere chasing rabbits, or maybe even foxes.


6 thoughts on “Foxes and Rabbits

  1. The scarf is looking beautiful, I love the striping, it doesn’t interfere with the stitch pattern. So sorry about Ace, he looked/seemed like a terrific dog and much loved.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your heart problem – I hope you’re feeling tip top very soon. Send my sympathy to your brother – so hard to lose a beloved companion!

  3. Hi Sue, what a great web site you have. To all of you readers I am Susan’s brother Joe’s girlfriend {Pam}. We live in Palm Bay Florida where Joe is pursuing his music career.
    I lost my faithful companion on March 25th 2006. She was 14 years old A 3 pound chichuahua that thought she was 103 pounds. Her name was Winnie. Her death devistated my emotions termendiously. I understand what Vim and the family are going through. Susan what a cute nick name for Vim’s dog you named him ACE (security systems). Don’t worry Ace is now in a place helping the hard ware man. lol
    I wrote a poem for my little Winnie and decided to publish it, so others with little people loses can be comforted. I would like to have it on your site if you don’t mind. I will email it to you with photos . GOD bless the Aguirre family and little Ace. Happy Birthday Pop. When you coming back to Florida? Pam and Joe

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