Two Sets and a Start

I finished my pink socks aka shrimp socks.

Shrimp Socks

Then finished a set I had started before the holiday season started.

Jawoll - purple and black

I used the reinforcing thread that came with the sock yarn to beef up the toes and heels. I don’t know if I will ever do that again – it is kind of hard-going when doing the short row heels – having to p3tog or k3tog with that extra yarn make me a bit crabby – and worried that I might snap a needle. If I try out reinforcing again, I will probably use wooly nylon instead.

I am still on a major need red things urge/crave. I bought some lovely solid red sock yarn at Borealis Yarns the best place for sock yarn. Bought some red and orange Cherry Tree Hill there too, but forgot to photo it so that will have to wait.

Here is a start of a new pair:
Red Socks

The shrimp socks are just a bit loose. But they are exactly the same CO as the purple/black ones. I figure it is because the Ridged Feather pattern (Jawoll and a ton of the other socks I have done) tightens up a bit because of the skewing wave pattern. The shrimp socks don’t have much undulating action going on. Now the red ones are very wavy. I like them and I hope they will fit. They do have some pesky k4tog that I have decided to make into a k2tog, k2tog and slip the first k2tog stitch over the 2nd. It is much easier going, and I don’t notice the difference much and folks they are only socks. I found the stitch pattern in the book:
101 ripple stitches: Knit and crochet.

I found a bunch to try out in socks. I love feather and fan and other ripple type stitch patterns. I am really wanting to do a ripple afghan like the ones on these sites.

I don’t want anything too heavy, so worsted is out of the question. DK weight is cool, and god/dess knows has some. But I am really liking the idea of doing one using all the colors of KnitPicks’ fingering weight yarn called Palette. I have a some already, so I might start hooking up a couple rows so I can determine if it would work, if I like it and how much I would need.


5 thoughts on “Two Sets and a Start

  1. Hey Susan, Love the socks. Most impressive finishing you’ve got going on there.

    But I have to say that I really have to tell you off for introducing me to Knit Picks!!! Their prices are amazing! And I am so seriously trying to be good right now! You have really tested my resolve!

    (Seriously, though, thanks for the tip!) πŸ™‚

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