I’m naming her Peggle

I am naming my ghan-child Peggle. You know about Peggle, don’t you?

peggle - very addicting!

Peggle (the game) is very addicting and as you can see, colorful. Just like my baby girl ghan child.

Here is my baby so far:

Peggle, my crocheted ripple afghan

I may be done after this weekend. If the weather stays like this (cold and wet) I am pretty sure there will be nothing much better to do than to keep crocheting on it her Peggle until she is done.

I did the best I could to get a crane shot by laying her on the floor next to the stairs. But then I had to crop the photo so that it wouldn’t take up the entire screen.

Not sure if the colors are appearing quite right, because frankly after you look at something so wildly colorful, everything looks kind of odd.


Almost Halfway

A few strips shy of being half done on my funky granny knock your eyes out what was she thinking afghan/bed thing.

Here she is in all her nouveau vintage splendor:

ripple afghan - almost halfway there

long view of my ripple afghan

Just after I took the photos I added a few more stripes. Then I started to get claw hand, so I decided to start weaving in the ends. I have all the ends (sans the beginning and the last stripe) woven in. The edge looks good on that side. Humble opinion and all that.

I know that some of the colors are in the "only a mother could love them" way, but I am the momma on this one, and I love my freakishly weird blanket child.


So far

So far I have 20 stripes done on my ripple afghan. Here it is:

one week's worth of rippling

What do you think?

I only have a few new colors to introduce, then you and I will see more of the same. Already there are doubles of some colors – those balls of yarn that I had purchased 2 balls instead of 1 (1 ball = 3 stripes, 2 balls = 6 stripes). I think it will give the eye something to rest on. Most of the doubled colors are the palest of each group of colors pink through red, blues, greens, yellows, but I have 4 colors of orange into brown and white into tan, so I didn’t double up there. I chose the red to double instead of the pink, because I like red.

I went up to a bigger crochet hook (5/F) and it is working much better as the hook on the 4/E was too small with the yarn being so splitty. I am still getting the same gauge so that is really good too.

The weekend was full of just hanging out, a bit of crochet, some teaching – a nice calm weekend. Spencer and Guinevere really appreciated the turkey I cooked up yesterday. Do you pet owners notice you see the sweetest faces when there is good food to be had?

sweet Spencer in search of turkey



Homey, even a little homely (proper or suited to the home or to ordinary domestic life; plain; unpretentious). In meditation practice/life one attempts to become okay with being uncomfortable, to let go, to be present with accepting ourselves as we are right this moment. I am not talking about letting things be in a lazy way, but in the way that I am trying to let go of perfectionism, because ultimately perfectionism is ego.

There are many things in each day that can are jarring, uncomfortable, not balanced that aren’t okay – they need changing, or perhaps just by noticing and asking why brings some sort of peace in getting down to why life is the way it is.

I was thinking about my ripple afghan and how nicely homey/homely it is. Each color seems to stand out, especially when there is only one row. Then with two rows it starts to blend. It is almost like magic. Maybe it is because I become accustomed to them after a bit, and then they aren’t so jarring after all. Then the process starts all over again with the next new color. Life as afghan. *grin*

I love all the colors so much that I can’t bring myself to just carry along the few I will be working with – they have to be all together in a big baglady bag, or like a traveling circus.

baglady ripple afghan

After I had a few stripes done I realized that I am recreating a yet-to-be-created-planned-but-not-even-started quilt done up in 30s/40s prints.

ripple afghan like 30s prints

I am really loving it!


A very, very good day

A post ago I mentioned that I was planning out a ripple afghan. Today the yarn arrived! I am really cheap when it comes to having things shipped, so I have to "be okay" with sometimes sloooooooooow delivery because slow=cheap. Sometimes slow=free, and that is a really good reason to be patient. Anticipation and all that stuff.

Anyway, my yarn from Knitpicks.com arrived today! 22 different colors of their 100% wool, fingering weight yarn named Palette. Because I am making such a large size, I thought that a fingering weight yarn would be best. My soft ripples afghan will be in 23 colors (I already had 2 skeins of one yarn in my stash). 5 colors will be used 6 times, the rest will be used 3 times each. That is a total of 168 rows, 84 2-row stripes. It will be 24 repeats of the pattern, and approximately 72 inches by 84 inches; big enough to cover the top of my queen-sized bed with a little bit of on each side and on the bottom. All for a steal at $51.74. Plus another paltry $3.98 for the two skeins I already had but that hardly counts because it is from stash *grin*. Still, a queen-sized afghan for under $60 – whoa!

Here are my colors:

Fingering weight Palette Yarn by Knitpicks.com

and one sheet of my 3 sheet plan for the stripes/rows:

ZenKnit's ripple afghan plan

I am trying hard not to think about how unwieldly it will become. It will probably be an "at home" project after a certain stage. I guess I will find out. No rush on this one either, but from reading the posts on The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along, some of the participants are really ripping along.

Today was also good because I got together with my friend Kerry. She showed me some of her finished projects and we talked about what we are both working on right now. She gifted me some dog chewies that don’t match her carpet (they stain). My dogboy insists on taking his chewy bones outside; I think he is afraid that I will steal them from him. He says,

Thanks for the great chewies!
Thanks for the great chewies Kerry!

no thanks from Guinevere
Guinevere says, "What am I, chopped liver?"