So far

So far I have 20 stripes done on my ripple afghan. Here it is:

one week's worth of rippling

What do you think?

I only have a few new colors to introduce, then you and I will see more of the same. Already there are doubles of some colors – those balls of yarn that I had purchased 2 balls instead of 1 (1 ball = 3 stripes, 2 balls = 6 stripes). I think it will give the eye something to rest on. Most of the doubled colors are the palest of each group of colors pink through red, blues, greens, yellows, but I have 4 colors of orange into brown and white into tan, so I didn’t double up there. I chose the red to double instead of the pink, because I like red.

I went up to a bigger crochet hook (5/F) and it is working much better as the hook on the 4/E was too small with the yarn being so splitty. I am still getting the same gauge so that is really good too.

The weekend was full of just hanging out, a bit of crochet, some teaching – a nice calm weekend. Spencer and Guinevere really appreciated the turkey I cooked up yesterday. Do you pet owners notice you see the sweetest faces when there is good food to be had?

sweet Spencer in search of turkey


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