Peggle is complete – almost

I am done crocheting Peggle. Now I need to weave in the ends. Thankfully, not the whole afghan’s worth because I had done some earlier. I don’t want to show you photos yet (don’t have them anyway but) because I am very sure it will look more impressive, or at least finished if there aren’t all those weird fringy things on one side.

So instead, another photo of my dog with one of his girlfriends, Ashley.

Spencer's girlfriend, Ashley

Seriously, this dog has girlfriends. He is a major chick magnet. He likes blond girls the best, but all girls love him. He has a fan club at the off-leash dog park. He is the "happy smiling dog" and he is known for his gurgling yodeling barking thing he does because he loves people so much. It is a bit freaky, but loveable.


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