Here she is:

Peggle is complete - ripple afghan

72″ by 84″ (approx, she keeps moving, you know how wiggly children are). Exactly as planned. I wish she was a bit bigger, but it is too late now.

Yarn: KnitPicks.com fingering weight Palette, 100% wool. I used 22 different colors out of the 30 total colors they have. I didn’t buy black and any of the browns, except for the color Fawn, which I put in because it looked like a dark orange to me. 1 skein each of blush, petal, peach, apricot, orange, fawn, lemon, yellow, grass, green, pool, blue, lilac, purple, tan, twig, cream and white. 2 skeins each of red, sunlight, mint and sky. Each skein was used for 3 stripes (each stripe being 2 rows).

Crochet Hook: Started with a 4/E and switched to a 5/F without making any difference in the stitch size, done for better ease of crocheting because the yarn is a splity 2-ply.

Pattern: Soft Waves from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, edited by Jan Eaton. I did 24 repeats across and 84 stripes, each stripe being 2 rows.

Plan or random: A planned random. I had to make sure that the colors were somewhat evenly distributed, so I created a plan on paper by just plopping in each color so that it would be somewhere within the 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 sections. After crocheting the first 15 rows I realized I had a blob of pastels:

blob of pastels

Not wanting that to happen again, I started making changes as I went. Lots of changes:

1st sheet of plan

2nd sheet of plan

3rd sheet of plan

I think the colors work together okay, even though there are so many. I find myself really liking how each section kind of creates a story of color. If you want to see even more photos of sections of Peggle, be sure to visit my Flickr photos.

I have a bit of yarn left:

Yarn left-over from Peggle

Along the way I figured that each stripe (2 rows) used up about 16 gm of yarn. I could weigh the remainder and see what I have, but I can’t find my scale right now. Okay, so I know where it is but just don’t want to trek upstairs.

I am in the midst of planning more sedate afghans for Christmas gifts. Some knit, some crochet. My sister Chaachi is helping me with the colors. I ordered yarn for 3 so far, and while I wait I will be knitting another afghan for myself – out of the discontinued colors of Cotton-Ease. Squares of 2 colors each in a small riot of bright colors – pink, red, blues, white, yellow, orange, etc.


15 thoughts on “Ta-da!

  1. Wow! Very impressive! It’s so big and it looks great.

    I am crocheting a blanket right now myself, but it’s a gift, so it’s a secret project. Crochet is pretty fun!

  2. This is beautiful, and nicely balanced! You’ve a right to be proud of your creation! Color does it for me, too; it simply inspires happiness! Thanks for posting this great blanket!

  3. That looks great! It appears random, yet has a good balance. As for the scraps, they’re nice to have for repairs, but I’ve found that when I’m chilly enough for an afghan, I often also feel the need for something around my neck, so you might consier a scarf to match. Just a thought.

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