Squares and Ripples

Remember I said I was going to make afghans for my family? I ordered enough yarn for 3 full afghans. Then because I had to wait, and waiting isn’t easy for me, I started up on another afghan using the stash of Cotton-Ease in the discontinued bright colors. Cherry Red, Orangeade, Bubblegum, Sugar Plum, Pineapple, Popsicle Blue, Ice Blue, Blueberry and Vanilla. Whew!

I was thinking about doing a log cabin, with cool colors on one side and warm colors on the other, but then I saw a pattern for a baby afghan in the Spring/Summer issue of Knit It! magazine done up in the new colors of Cotton-Ease. It is called the Color Block Baby Blanket. I decided to go with that because I wouldn’t have to do a gauge swatch or other yarn conversions. Easy, huh? But then I realized that instead of the multiple separate squares good take-along project, it was done up in long strips. That meant that the obsessive must-plan-out-where-the-colors-go skill had to rear it’s head. Especially since I had limited number of balls in certain colors.

Basically it is a stockinette block in one color with a differently colored border done in seed stitch. Easy, just some counting now and again. But then you add in having to use 2 skeins for the border because you can’t carry across the yarn that far. I have been using the inner and outer bits of one ball instead and it is working just fine, but very tangly. So far I have 2 blocks done – this will be a project for when I am tired of crochet.

Cotton-Ease squares afghan

I think it will turn out nice.

Then the yarn for the afghans arrived and I decided to do a crochet non-ripple that looked nice from a book I checked out from a library. It turned out that the yarn was just too stiff. I ripped it out and started up a ripple. Red Heart Super Saver yarn in pale yellow, cornmeal and country blue. About 52 inches wide. I am going to just keep on going until I run out of yarn. So far that means a very big afghan because I haven’t run out of yarn from the 1st of 3 skeins (in each color) yet.

Ripple afghan in Red Heart Super Saver yarn

Ripples in worsted weight sure go fast. I saw comments in another post that said that Red Heart softens up after washing. Knowing that makes me very happy. I think the colors are bright and cheery and I hope the family member who gets it is happy with it. Or that they aren’t but they keep it to themselves *grin*.


7 thoughts on “Squares and Ripples

  1. Susan, I remember trying to use inside and outside ends of one ball of yarn, and eventually it grows quite tiresome.

    If your afghan is going to be very large, you might just consider making two balls from one. Or, figuring out just how much you might need for that quarter of the border (once you get to the top, you can use just one ball again, right?) and removing that much from the larger ball for use on the other side, each time you begin a new square. Just a thought.

    This looks like a great stash-buster project and I applaud you for your patience! I am not sure I could do it. I am looking forward to seeing this project develop! B

  2. I really like the looks of these blocks! It will be nice to have the knit and the crochet to alternate with. BTW, I thought I’d read on another blog that they have brought back Cotton Ease.

  3. Hi Susan! I linked to your blog from the NEIS Ripple-Along.

    I’ve done a lot of baby blankets in Red Heart over the years–it’s hardy and responds well to repeated washings (which is a key thing in a baby blanket, IMO). The first one I ever made, I had the same concern about the stiffness. Wash it and dry it, and all will be well. It relaxes nicely. And that (11 year old) blanket is still going strong.

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