I barely have time for anything else

Sad to say, but almost 100% true. Remember my Peggle addiction? And then there was/is Zuma (still haven’t licked the 12th level but I am hopeful). Nothing – NOTHING compares to

Chocolatier - the game, the addiction

One good thing is at least I am using brain cells and keeping my multi-tasking skills up-to-snuff. This game takes a lot of juggling different things and I even decided to break down and create spreadsheets to keep things straight – yes, you heard it, spreadsheets, 6 of them.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now I dare you to check it out. Just have a fan blowing on your computer because in this heat, it might melt with all the graphics and hours and hours of playing and such.


Still on target

I am still (somewhat) on target for my one afghan a month plans. Even though I am working on 2 afghans this month, the super secret ripple is about half done, and the one I will share with you below is about 1/6 done.

Knitted Afghan - Feather and Fan in 2 colors

This one is knit, so I thought I would start on it this month, even though it is really the one I planned to do in July. This one is done in Caron yarn 4 huge skeins (2 of each color) and even though I am a good way into it, I still have this much yarn left:

yarn for the feather and fan afghan

My Wednesday buddies were giggling at how huge the skeins are. Kind of freakish huge like the monster zucchini on Aunt Purl’s Blog. But just mock away "guys" because you will not be laughing when you see how nice this baby turns out.

I am using a feather and fan pattern from the 100 Afghans book I previously mentioned. I started out using the size ? needles that were suggested, but I didn’t like the density of the resulting fabric so I upsized a lot and am doing it on US 10 1/2s instead. Better flow.

Nothing much more to share, except that we are into the sweaty head session here at my home. When I sweat, it is all in my lower back and my huge noggin. If I don’t dry my hair after washing it, it will never dry. If I dry it then there is at least some chance that I will have a few minutes of dry hair in the day. Sometimes I can actually squeegee (using my fingers, not an actual tool) water out of my hair. Gross, huh?


I finished my May afghan

I finished my May afghan.

Afghan for my mom for Christmas

The pattern is from the book, 100 Afghans to Knit & Crochet. I used Red Heart Super Saver in 3 greens and a beige. I wasn’t very happy with the first border row, just single crochet, but with the 2nd row it is better. I think it would have been okay without those 2 border rows too.

I have started June’s afghan but can’t post that for fear that one of my family members will see it. So, it will remain a secret until Christmas time.

I knitted up a very cute baby hat and booties to help a friend test a pattern. I forgot to photo it, but once she publishes the pattern I will be sure to let you all know. It was fast and fun, cute and only used one puny skein of baby DK.