No big progress to report. Still plugging away at 2 afghans. One is very nearly complete (knit), the other one -crocheted squares- is going to be my travel piece. I decided to chart the rows because reading the directions was making me crazy.

Insert elegant segue here.

Fun = pets, pets=fun. Spencer aka "the doggie Lama" will stage himself to get maximum popcorn exposure. That usually means at the our feet, or leaning his head on our feet. WT managed to coax him onto the sofa to see what he would do. Here’s a shot – so intense!

Spencer trying to will the popcorn into his mouth

It looks like he is trying to will the popcorn into his mouth.

Our cat Guinevere likes to keep us hopping – in and out all summer log. She has this trick of telling us when she wants back in. Jumps onto the outside stair rail, and bats at the window screen (or hangs onto it – lovely). It sometimes looks like she is waving hello. I caught her looking into the popcorn scene:

I'm watching you!

This afternoon WT, Chaachi and I are going to take in the new Harry Potter movie. Super bargain matinee – cheap(er)! I hope your afternoon is just as fun.


3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I usually eat my popcorn at the kitchen table. Chaos, being the tall kitty that he is, likes to stand on his hind legs and try to steal popcorn out of my bowl!

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