I started up an afghan for Dad for his Christmas gift. I decided that although a washable item would be really, really, nice, I wanted to do something that was warm and light and just hang the washing factor. So I went with KnitPicks fingering weight 100% wool yarn. It is called Palette and what I used for my Peggle afghan.

I decided to do blues, with navy being the dominant color. Here it is:

ripple afghan for dad in a pattern called Waterfall

This is another pattern from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book, number 148 called Waterfall. Nice pattern, with no errors. Unfortunately, I did a gauge swatch using one of the blues vs. the navy. The navy is thinner, and I am finding whatever yarn you use to start really sets the size tone for the whole project. I was trying for 45 inches wide, and it is 51. Ooooooooops. That means I should order another ball of the navy. That might be tricky, because I purchased it back in July. I have an email into KnitPicks to see if they still have that lot number. I may need to call tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

For those of you who might be getting tired of all the crochet and ripples, I promise I will have some knitting content soon. I want to knit up a couple of scarves for a donation/auction. I may be working on that next week.


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