Did you celebrate the Fall Equinox?

WT, Spencer and I got together with friends to hang out, eat good great FANTASTIC food and just enjoy the fine summer into fall evening. I brought my crocheting along, but dang it if I forgot my hooks.

So, it was a vacation from hooking, and since I had a student earlier in the day – an almost crochet-free day. But I couldn’t resist the lure of the newest afghan so I did a few rows once we were back home.

Here is a photo of the latest:

afghan for another brother - ripple

The colors aren’t quite right in the photo. It is a very nice blend in person. Here is a blurry shot with a better view of the colors:
afghan for another brother - ripple

Ack! That still isn’t quite right. It really is very nice looking in person. I wasn’t really thrilled with it at first, and ended up tearing a good chunk out and re-working the width (it was toooooooo biiiiiiiggggggg) and changing up the order of the colors, because the variegated was just blending too much into the dark brown. The dark brown is called coffee, the lighter brown is cafe, the variegated is earth and sky, and the white is either aran or soft white. I don’t have them right here so I am just guessing.

Three repeats out of a total of 6. I thought I could get away with 5 repeats, but I think it will be just a bit short. I don’t know if I will have enough yarn. I calculated it thinking that the instructions were right, and they aren’t. The stitches are right, but I am wondering if there was just a silly person doing the yardage because this is the 2nd time that the 2nd color of 2 patterns was off. Thankfully, the 2nd color is one of those “no dye lot” sort, and I think I can get it local vs. having to order it online. I still haven’t ordered more yarn for the red, white, blue and tan afghan. I need to do that!

Tomorrow starts a pretty busy week; I may not get a lot of time to crochet. It is also my birthday on Friday and I have celebrations planned on Friday and Saturday. I will tell you more about that when I can.

Have a great week! I know I will.


Woo hoo! Yee Haw! and all that kind of stuff

I finished the ripple afghan for my dad. Here it is:

afghan for dad for christmas 2007

I haven’t taken the measurements yet. It is long enough to go the traditional way: side-to-side stripes, but can also be used the other way too! It is nice and warm without being overwhelming, and it folds up into a nice little square. I hope he loves it as much as I have loved making it. I think it is my best afghan yet. But I must say this next one is very close to being my favorite as well:

ripple afghan for one of my brothers

The cotton/acrylic yarn for this one is so very nice to work with. And it has a really nice texture too.

Back to dad’s afghan; I decided to do the last row as a solid row vs. the lacy one if I had been following the pattern perfectly. I decided the lacy row would be too weak. I don’t think anybody would notice:

edge of dad's afghan

So, what do you think?

Back to my current work – I had a sneaking feeling that there wouldn’t be enough of the dark blue yarn and I am sure that I am right. I had the same issue with dad’s afghan, but that was because I had changed my mind about which ripple to do after I had already ordered the yarn. I thought when I ordered more of the navy (for dad’s) that I would be taking a chance that the color wouldn’t be even close because KnitPicks said there wasn’t any of that lot left. But I ordered 2 more balls anyway, thinking it couldn’t be that far off. I got a nice surprise in that the order ended up being the lot I was looking for after all!

I hope that is the case when I order one puny ball more for brother’s afghan. I hate paying shipping for just one ball, so I may order another afghan’s worth of yarn for ME!!!! Now if I could just decide which ripple to do, and what colors to use! Thankfully, I realized that I had better check to see if there was a calculation issue for another afghan’s worth of yarn (coming up) and I was able to get that yarn at a local shop vs. having to ship it.

So long story even longer – do your own calculations immediately after ordering your yarn – to be more sure you will have enough, and if you don’t you have a higher probability of getting the same lot number.



I started the red, white, blue and tan afghan for another brother yesterday. It is almost the same as the one for my dad, but with different colors (duh!) and a slightly different arrangement, and then there are the rows that are crocheted into the back loops only. So I guess it is different enough. When you really think about knitting and crocheting being just 2 or ? stitches used in different arrangements, everything is similar, right?

Here is a close-up of Dad’s:

close-up of afghan for dad

And a scan of brother’s:

close-up scan of afghan for brother 4

The yarn for this one is TLC Cotton Plus, a nice cabled 51% cotton / 49% acrylic. With the parts where I am to crochet into the back loops only, and the heft of the yarn, it is very drapey. I haven’t decided if I like that part, but I am far enough along now that it is what it is.

I am trying to pace myself on this one, hence this post to keep me from working on it too long. You know how working with cotton yarn is, even with a blend it is kind of hard going at times.



SSDA – Same Stitches, Different Afghan. Or at least the plan of different afghans. So far it has been SSSA – same stitches same afghan. I am still working on the Waterfall afghan and I decided to purchase 2 more skeins of the navy Palette yarn. But what I still need to decide is if I am going to continue it to make it wider vs. longer. Or perhaps I should just make it big enough to be used either way.

Here is are 2 shots: I think I like it with the zigzags going in that "slimming" way – that being up and down, vs. side-to-side:

afghan for dad - up and down

afghan for dad - side-to-side

If I don’t change my mind again, that means the length (the up and down way) will be about 49-51 inches. They stretch and I can’t seem to get a really accurate measurement. That will be okay since dad is a shortie like me. So far the width is about 40 inches.

I haven’t decided if I will make sure that the color repeat is complete across, because I may not have enough yarn (even with the 2) to make it complete in that way. But I figure it will not really matter much visually, because it is so ziggy that I don’t think anyone will notice, as long as I have one dark blue stripe at the end. Please tell me what you think – up and down, side to side, make it big enough for either and do I need to make sure the color repeats are complete?

For now that I will need to chill on continuing Waterfall until the new yarn arrives so I can see if it matches. And that means I need to start on a new afghan. Cool!

I have the yarn for the last 2 afghans (besides my sister’s, which is still in process). Here is the yarn and photo of of one:

afghan for another brother - red white and blues

and another:

afghan for ANOTHER brother - brown, tan and aqua

Both of these are from the Leisure Arts book, Rippling Effects. I had used one of the patterns a long time ago for some baby afghans I did for great-nieces and great-nephews. All of the patterns (16) are very pretty. It was hard to decide!

William-Thomas, Spencer, Guinevere and I will be kicking back this long weekend. It seems a bit weird to even think of it as a long weekend, since both WT and I are self-employed, working days, nights and most weekends – days just melt into each other and the calendar doesn’t seem to make much difference anymore. But holidays usually bring more free time – since our clients and students want to kick back too!

So I will leave you to your long weekend – just as soon as I post this funny photo of our impromptu altar to shoes – more on the reason behind that on a later post.

altar to shoes