I started the red, white, blue and tan afghan for another brother yesterday. It is almost the same as the one for my dad, but with different colors (duh!) and a slightly different arrangement, and then there are the rows that are crocheted into the back loops only. So I guess it is different enough. When you really think about knitting and crocheting being just 2 or ? stitches used in different arrangements, everything is similar, right?

Here is a close-up of Dad’s:

close-up of afghan for dad

And a scan of brother’s:

close-up scan of afghan for brother 4

The yarn for this one is TLC Cotton Plus, a nice cabled 51% cotton / 49% acrylic. With the parts where I am to crochet into the back loops only, and the heft of the yarn, it is very drapey. I haven’t decided if I like that part, but I am far enough along now that it is what it is.

I am trying to pace myself on this one, hence this post to keep me from working on it too long. You know how working with cotton yarn is, even with a blend it is kind of hard going at times.


2 thoughts on “Similar

  1. I love both of your blankets! I especially like how the bottom one isn’t full on, in your face red, white, and blue. It’s delightfully subtle. 🙂

  2. I agree with Diana! I love how they just blend smoothly!

    They are going to be gorgeous! And yes….I guess everything is pretty much similar if you put it that way, lol!

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