One more down

Here is a another completed afghan for my Christmas 2007 project.

crocheted ripple afghan for my brother

This is the Golden Harvest design from the Leisure Arts pamplet, Rippling Effects. 4 colors of Red Heart Super Saver and a size I hook. I modified the pattern for a narrower width, and less rows in each dark brown section. It is a nice stitch, alternating rows of crocheted v’s and then a row of single crochet. It is nice and lacy, but still substantial.

I am down to really needing to order yarns to complete another brother’s afghan, and then get back to the squares for my sister’s. Since sister’s afghan is too fiddly to do while I am with other people talking and such, I plan to take my completed afghans out for a spin – to stitch in ends and show them off.

I am also planning another afghan for myself – a chakra colored one (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) done up using the new Vanna White yarn. The colors are nice – not clownish and the yarn is really soft. I am going to use it in my Reiki healing work. After that, who knows?


4 thoughts on “One more down

  1. i saw those vanna white yarns, i thought that was so strange she was making yarns now. i think your afghan is beautiful. i would like to see the squares you are working on for your sisters blanket but i am sure that you want to wait and show the compleated project. good job though!

  2. your afghan is awesome!!!! love the colors and the pattern, what do i have to do to get on your Christmas list hehe. i would also like to see the squares for your sis’s blanket.

  3. I am fascinated by your afghan. Could you share the basic pattern with me? I am not a great crotchetier by any means. I have done a ripple afghan before, but nothing as lacey looking as this; just the basic double crochet. Or should I just try to hunt down the pattern book? I love the colors too! I am just a little clueless, sorry :>)

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