A Little Bit Crazy

Back when I was actually knitting – waaaaaaaaay back before all the crocheted ripple afghans I knit this sock:

one red sock

Now that my traveling crochet is at an end, I decided to pick up the bag that still held this one sock, all my sock needles, the ball of yarn and thankfully, my notebook that has all my sock notes in it to the Crazy Aunt Purl booksigning event at B&N at MOA.

It was a very good thing that I still had those notes but even with it I was making so many mistakes on the 2nd red sock. Now these socks will forever be known to me as, "a little bit crazy".

Laurie is just a little bit of a thing. Short and and oh so cute and very, very funny. There was a good sized group at the Barnes & Noble at Mall of America. I guess the group was one of the biggest for a book signing because the guy that sets these up told us. He also told us a too long personal story of the power of knitting. Gah. But Laurie was finally on and all was well.

To back up a bit, there were too many people for the seats but I still had space next to me so I motioned for Annie Modesit and her daughter Hannah to sit next to me. Annie is such a nice person (great teacher too) and Hannah is a delightful, smart girl.

Someone came along to give us sticky notes so we could write our desired inscription on them. I told Annie that I just couldn’t come up with someone so she said write, "I want you" on it and then I just couldn’t get that out of my mind. Dang. Then she told me stories about what she writes on copies of her books that she signs for others. Things like, "I like you best" or "You’re the best knitter" and about how when mother and daughter couples come to book signings she writes, " I like you better than your mother" and "I like you better than your daughter". Funny! So I wrote on mine for Laurie to sign: "I like you better than Annie". Which is a crack-up because they are good friends. Then in the end I just couldn’t do it, so I wrote, "Nervous talkers unite!"


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Crazy

  1. Cute sock and great afghans; I admire your stamina for completing all of them!

    I thought about taking the day off to go see CAP, now that I know you were there, I wish I would have.

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