A Piece that was lost – a big piece

I hosted my ZenKnit blog for about 2 years on my knitting website at ZenKnit. But then my blog was banned on my server because that version of WordPress or some internal pointers were making their system crash. Banned isn’t the right word, what they did was move it to a different folder so that nobody could access it, and I wasn’t able to rename the folder either (I tried that *grin*).

I ended up starting over here because I could:

  • still use WordPress, which I was very familiar with by then
  • get all the wonderful yet horrid program upgrades without having to do them myself
  • hoped like heck that a wordpress to wordpress export would some day come about

I bet you know where this is going. A week or so ago I was just clicking around in my WordPress blog admin and I noticed that that export/import function was now available. All I needed was to get my old blog up and running and pray pray pray that I could get it upgraded and exported before my hosting service brought it down again.

Many days later I had succeeded in restoring, upgrading and exporting and then importing to this blog, only to find that the ALL the links to my photos were either there and incorrect, or not there at all. I am sure if I noodled around in the now upgraded old blog I could have fixed it somehow and exported again, but I decided to just bite the bullet and manually type in all those image links.

And now I am finished! It feels like a very large piece of me has been restored. Now I have better documentation so that I can go play around in Ravelry and get more of my projects inserted. This blog now goes back to when I first started my ZenKnit blog, waaaaaaaay back to June 2004. Woohoo!

I got my Ravelry invite the day before my birthday this year, isn’t that sweet? I am spending some serious time there just noodling around. I have loaded in most of my afghans and some of my socks. Now I may do the shawls and other projects. Maybe not, I will see.

And I am almost done with my 2nd "A Little Bit Crazy" sock.


3 thoughts on “A Piece that was lost – a big piece

  1. You must be so relieved to have it all back again. Thank you for the reminder to back up my blog, I’m doing that as I type this to you.

    What a grieving period you must have had between the loss and today. I’m sure it was a pain to fix and still totally worthwhile.

    I moved my blog from TypePad to WordPress a year ago and all my internal links (from ColorJoy to ColorJoy) stopped working, such a pain. I didn’t go back to fix them. My blog started in November 2002 and there are 2715 posts, if I tried to find them all I would never have time to run my current business. It bothers me but some things we must just let go.

    I’m so happy for you.

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