I finished another afghan last night. All but a bazillion ends to weave in. I did start doing that, but then decided to just concentrate on the bits that were poking out where I added a new skein of yarn (in the middle of a row).

Here it is:


I cropped out the ends 🙂

These afghans that have a new color every row are really a bunch of work to finish. You would think I would learn, I mean this is only the Eleventy-oneth one I have done like that now. And this one is a cotton/acrylic mix and you know how cotton just likes to poke out.

To recap: This one is made with TLC Cotton-Plus yarn, cotton 51%/acrylic 49%. The pattern is in a Leisure Arts pamphlet called Rippling Effects. Great pattern, but the materials list has errors. Buy more of the color that goes into the dk blue slot. If you think it over, there is one more row of that color, so it shouldn’t be less yardage/ounces (whatever) than the red.

Now all I have left (afghan-wise) is my dear sister’s granny square one. Good thing too because I am crazy go nuts over doing bead crochet bracelets. Want to see?


I can really crank them out now. Before was agonizingly slow to even get a bracelet started. I am not joking this time either; bazillion and eleventy-one aside. When you first try do do bead crochet you think you need at least 2 more hands. Especially since I am using thread vs. crochet cotton. Have you ever tried to crochet using thread? Now add to that that you need to crochet in a round with thread and beads. One of my BeadLadies friends, Jean gave me a tip to do the first chain row without beads, then on the 2nd row add the beads. It works a lot easier that way, but still takes practice.

Of those 3 finished bracelets, two have similar center beads. I bought a strand of 20 of them and because they are marbled glass, they all have a slightly different color and design to them. I am going to work up a bunch to sell at a craft fair at “my” coffee house, The Coffee Grounds on December 2nd from 10:00 – 4:00 p.m. But beside those that I am aiming to sell, I am making some for gifts so count me busy right now: Sister’s crochet afghan that is started, but let’s face it – way more to go. More bracelets for gifts, get things ready for the sale, a bunch of Fetching(s) for gifts too — VERY VERY busy.


5 thoughts on “Ahhhhh….

  1. Very pretty stuff!! I am incredibly slow at the bead crochet too. I haven’t done it in over a year, so I’m also afraid I forgot how. I hope your bracelets are a big seller!

  2. I felt the same way the first time I tried to crochet lace with linen instead of cotton thread. It has quite a different feel to it, a sort of crispness that affects how one works with it. It took a while, and a couple of thrown out practice pieces, to get the feel of it and be comfortable crocheting with it. It’s surprising sometimes what a difference the materials make.

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