Happy New Year!

Hoping you all have had a nice end to 2007 and here’s to:

Fulfilling Work
Good yarn and bead purchases, snarl-free spinning…
Healing Sleep and wonderful dreams (day dreams and night dreams) in 2008!


Just hanging out

I have a few of my "finished" afghans to really finish – weaving in all the yarn tails, try to remove as much cat and dog hair as I can. Some will get a good washing, others just a good shaking. Two need to be wrapped and then boxed and mailed.

I still have my sister’s afghan to work on. I haven’t felt like working on it, but I will get down to it tomorrow after my Reiki student leaves.

I have been making a lot of bead crochet bracelets. They need to be sewed together – some with bead and charm pieces holding them together, some just sewed up (hopefully) seamlessly.

I completed one tonight:

It took me 3 tries to get it right. The first time was sloppy so I tore out the center piece to start over. Then I got it right but realized it was way too big. So out went some of the center beads. I got it down to what you see. It could be smaller, but it won’t fall off my hand.

Are you all doing well and getting ready for holiday celebrations? William-Thomas and I don’t quite know when we will be celebrating with my family. Mom thought we might do Sunday instead of Christmas Eve. I am okay with that. That way I can be somewhere else Christmas Eve; perhaps with friends or just hanging out at home.