First set for 2008

I finished my last socks for 2007/first socks for 2008 pair last night. Here they are:

Ridged Feather - first for 2008

Not really spectacular colors but I love them. I have been wearing a lot of browns and greens so they will be very much used.

So onward to the next set. Wanna see my sock yarn stash that I am drawing from?

my sock yarn stash in January 2008

A lot of blue and grey, not a lot of hand-paint. I do have some skeins of Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu that I have set aside for shawls, so even though they are sock yarn, they don’t count. I think this is a pretty good stash to draw from, but I think you would agree it that is a bit heavy on the blues and greys. Not a lot of other colors in there. I might need to reinvigorate my pile after I withdraw for another set or two or three.

So, how is 2008 treating you so far? I think it is going pretty well for business/money as I have been moderately busy. In the crafting end I have been down in the dumps project wise because now that I don’t have any clear-cut goals (no race to the afghans for Christmas anymore) I have been doing a lot of nothing much to show you all. Finishing up a book or two, crocheting a bit on my bead crochet bracelet pile/stash, finishing this sock but not anything really spectacular.

I think I need another big goal. What are you all working on?


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